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Your love life will be happy and harmonious.

Greg Millman
Today's fortune submitted by:
Greg Millman

Tampa, FL, USA

Greg Millman, Senior VP at Citi Global Wealth at Work, excels in marketing and brand management with over 20 years of experience. He's known for leading successful multichannel campaigns and transforming visions into actionable plans. An esteemed speaker, Greg aligns closely with sales and leads high-caliber teams, contributing significantly to wealth growth in various professional sectors.

50 Shades of Marketing

Today's Marketing Cookie reminds me of a little story about the first time I truly knew that I was in love with my career.

We traveled back to New York to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving one year. We had not been home for a few years and my father-in-law pulled me aside and asked, "Explain to me again what you are doing to support my daughter and granddaughter." It was a fair question. At that time, I was working to design my very first corporate (text-based) website—before the invention of visual web browsers like Netscape or Internet Explorer. Customers had to direct-dial their modem to get connected with our site and had to use keystrokes on their keyboard to navigate our content. Anyway, I explained it all to my father-in-law and could tell that it wasn't resonating with him, so I took my seat at the "little kids table."

A few years later, this new "Internet thing" really took off and soon there were commercials on TV for,,, and Website domain names were everywhere. It was a modern-day gold rush! When we pulled into the driveway for Thanksgiving that year, my father-in-law greeted us at the front door and said with a big smile, "Son!" I was so proud of my career in that moment, and I got to sit at the "big table" from then on. 

If you love what you do, I believe that your love affair with your career will blossom into a few happy moments like that too.

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Submitted by:

Greg Millman

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Tampa, FL, USA

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