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Your future is looking bright.

Alison Crawford
Today's fortune submitted by:
Alison Crawford

Bonita Springs, FL, USA

Alison Crawford is the Senior Director of Global Product Marketing at Aera Technology. An innovative, relationship-oriented leader, she excels in brand building, campaign execution, and strategic thinking. With expertise in technology marketing, sales, and PR, Alison drives market influence and exceptional results using AI, strategic analysis, and competitive intelligence.

Embrace Your Brilliance.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about recognizing your impact and letting your brilliance inspire and motivate others to shine.

Imagine that you’re driving on a long, winding back road on a pitch-black night, with no moonlight, stars, or streetlights to break the darkness. The only thing you can see is whatever your headlights reveal—twisting asphalt and shadowy trees on either side. Suddenly, the high beams of an oncoming car hit your eyes, and for a moment, you're completely blinded, unable to see anything but the harsh, unavoidable wash of white light.

You quickly turn off your high beams, feeling a wave of relief as the oncoming car does the same. The glare subsides as the car speeds by, and the road ahead comes back into focus. As you continue driving, you realize that your headlights were probably every bit as bright for the other driver as theirs were for you. The thought lingers—how often do we recognize the impact we have on others?

Everything we say, how we say it, and the way we carry ourselves leaves an impression on those around us. Whether it's through your dedication to your work, the encouragement you offer to colleagues, or the innovative ideas you bring to the conference room, your brilliance matters! Just like those high beams piercing through the darkness, your presence in the world is like a light. Its brightness is the essence of how you are perceived and remembered by all who are drawn to your radiance.

It is nearly impossible to fully grasp the impact and intensity of your own brilliance as others do. When you let it shine, your brightness becomes a source of inspiration, comfort, and motivation for those around you. Only you have control of the dimmer switch, and the more you shine your light, the more you encourage and inspire others to shine theirs as well. Embrace your full potential today, let your light lead the way to a vibrant tomorrow and it can be just as today's fortune says, "Your future is looking bright."

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Submitted by:

Alison Crawford

Unpackaged in: 

Bonita Springs, FL, USA

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