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Your fortune is as sweet as you.

Marsh Sutherland
Today's fortune submitted by:
Marsh Sutherland

Boston, MA, USA

Marsh Sutherland, recruiting at Vizit, excels in full-cycle recruitment for various departments with a 2-week fill rate and 85% acceptance rate. Skilled in team leadership and training, he's adept at identifying talent in the tech landscape. Closed 84 employees and 30 interns for Ocient, is an 8X startup founder, and TechStars advisor.

Marsh is a good man! He has sent me more fortunes than anyone and has been endlessly supportive of my Cookie blog project. I'm incredibly grateful for his unwavering support—it truly means the world to me.

As Sweet as You.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about being sweet.

When I first read today's fortune, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, taking it as a wonderful compliment! Then, I started to wonder, "Wait a minute. How did the cookie know I'm so sweet?" Oh... It doesn't actually say that I'm sweet. It states that the fortune is only as sweet as I am. So, if I choose to be bitter and grouchy, without any sweetness in me, then my fortune will also be bitter and grouchy.

I believe the lesson here is that your good fortune comes from your good attitude. This is true in business as well. If you help people instead of stepping on them, many will try to help you in return. If you assist others in making connections and avoid burning bridges, they will make introductions and referrals for you, and you'll become well-connected yourself. If you take the high road and treat others with respect during a crisis, instead of being quick to sue or make enemies, you can create strong allies... except for when you just can't.

Over the years, I've encountered some difficult people. I have been cheated, lied to, double-crossed, pushed around, and forced down a few times, and for those specific individuals, I've quietly closed the door on them for my own protection and sanity. Sometimes, a door must be closed.

I believe goodwill is a two-way street, and I've found it most productive to pave my side of the road first. If others wish to develop a mutually beneficial relationship, they will follow my example and we'll meet in the middle.

In some cases, your willingness to help others may be ignored, taken for granted, or abused, but that isn't a reason to quit being nice to people. In other cases, someone may decide they don't like you and begin attacking or attempting to sabotage your success, but that isn't a reason to start being nasty to people. The truth is, you often reap what you sow, and if you are sweet to people, it will be as today's fortune says, "Your fortune is as sweet as you."

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Submitted by:

Marsh Sutherland

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Boston, MA, USA

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