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You will stumble into the happiness of your life.

Celinda Shannon
Today's fortune submitted by:
Celinda Shannon

Menton, France

Celinda Shannon is a Proofreader and Editor at Ethos and teaches Writing for the Workplace at Portland Adult Education. With 25 years of experience, she specializes in ensuring brand consistency across marketing materials and websites. Known for her engaging storytelling and meticulous attention to detail, Celinda excels in creating error-free, compelling content.

Connecting Digital Dots

After I founded my second company, I got a call from someone I hadn't spoken to in several years. We had worked together at the same company about ten years prior, and it was good to hear from her again. She had just started a new job as the Vice President of Marketing for an exciting company that was growing rapidly. She mentioned that the CEO had just held a meeting with the executive team, announcing that the company was not doing enough online. He noted that their competitors were capturing all the traffic from Google and he wanted immediate action. So, she asked if I would help her improve their digital presence. It sounded like a terrific opportunity and I enthusiastically said, "Yes."

Meanwhile, one of the senior engineers who attended the same executive leadership meeting knocked on her door. He told her that he knew someone who could help them start a blog and get them found on Google. She looked up at him and said, "Thank you very much, but I already have someone in mind."

The engineer shook his head and countered, "I really think you should consider this person. This is a very important project. The CEO wants it done right."

She put down her pen, took off her glasses, and said, "The person I plan to hire is very good. I've known him a long time and I am certain he will do an excellent job for us."

The engineer sighed, reached down, and took a sticky note off of her desk. While writing, he said, "I still think you should give him a call and see what you think. It is well worth a phone call."

The VP of Marketing took the sticky note, turned it around, and squinted to read the engineer's messy handwriting. She exclaimed, "You've got to be kidding me! You know Myles Bristowe too? We've both been talking about the same person."

And there you have it. For the next several years, I helped them build up their digital presence until they were quite happily acquired by a Fortune 50 company. I suppose you could say that I stumbled into the happiness of my life... or maybe I hadn't stumbled at all.

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Submitted by:

Celinda Shannon

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Menton, France

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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