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You will soon be honored by someone you respect.

Jenny Vance
Today's fortune submitted by:
Jenny Vance

Indianapolis, IN, USA

Jenny Vance, entrepreneur and GTM leader, has driven growth for 350+ B2B tech firms. Recognized by SLMA and featured in 40 Under 40 lists, she excels in talent development and strategy for diverse industries. A DePauw alum, Jennifer is also a respected speaker and writer in the field.

Someone Needs to Hear it.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about how powerful you are.

You have no idea how powerful you are and how much of an impact you are having on others. Please, just consider that statement for a moment, and let it soak in. Yes, I'm talking about you. What you say and what you don't say speak volumes about you. People see how hard you work, how little you complain, and how often you laugh. How you live your life and the choices you make all have an impact on the people around you. Unfortunately, you will likely be the last to realize the effect your life has had on other people, but don't give up. Someone will tell you soon.

Occasionally, I receive an email from someone who explains how something I've written in one of the Marketing Cookies has helped them in their business, encouraged them in their career, or has spoken to a specific challenge they were facing in their personal life. When I receive personal stories and messages from people who have gained value from what I have written, I feel immensely humbled by the effect this blog can have. At the same time, I get a sense of overwhelming joy and happiness knowing my personal marketing ramblings are helpful. It feels wonderful.

A few years ago, I explained to someone whom I admire, how they have been a role model to me, and that one day, I hoped I could be just like them. Upon hearing me say this to them, their eyes welled up with tears, and they struggled to say thank you. This was a person who did not fully understand how much their principles and values had touched mine, and they were completely unaware of their power. Some time later, this person explained to me how they had been facing some horrific challenges in their life at that very moment and were ready to give up, but my compliment came at the exact right time for them and kept them going. It was a wonderful feeling.

Let's make today's fortune a gift we can give to others. I want you to think about the people you admire, the people whose lives have had a meaningful impact on yours, and I encourage you to tell them. Yes. Reach out this week and tell them. Be specific about how you've aligned your principles and values with theirs. Let them know you appreciate who they are and what they do. You will see how powerful a statement like this can be for other people. Today's fortune, as it says, "You will soon be honored by someone you respect," will only come true when you reach out this week to someone who needs to hear it.

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Submitted by:

Jenny Vance

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Indianapolis, IN, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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