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You will move to a wonderful new home within the year.

Bob Akin
Today's fortune submitted by:
Bob Akin

Fort Worth, TX, USA

Bob Akin, CSO at Vickery Street Properties, has been a Marketing Professor at TCU's Neeley School for 20+ years. With a rich background in family business and academia, he's known for bringing real-world insights into the classroom, significantly impacting students' careers in marketing.

As a professor of marketing, Bob is extremely knowledgeable in our craft, and having his support for my marketing cookie project is an honor that I truly cherish and am deeply grateful for.

Entering New Markets

Today's Marketing Cookie is about entering a new market.

Let me be the first today to welcome you into a new world. Either the world is getting much smaller or we are all just getting bigger! The truth is, we are playing in a world where Main Street, Wall Street, and just about every other street, has become an on-ramp to an intercontinental causeway that connects companies with new consumers, and in new markets like never before.

I remember a special day when I was just five years old; we had just moved into a new house on a dirt road in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. While everyone was busy unpacking the moving truck full of our furniture and stuff, I decided to explore. My sister who was two years younger, still in diapers, with no pants on, and sucking her thumb, followed me—to get away from Herbie, our giant goose, who then followed her.

Yes. We had a white goose who was quite enamored with my sister's beautiful, long, bouncy, red curly hair. Herbie was the same height as my sister, and the goose loved to peck at her curls, so my sister had to constantly keep moving. So there we were. I was leading the exploration, followed by my little red-headed sister, who struggled to keep one step ahead of the goose.

The three of us had walked all the way out to "Sherry Street," which was a paved road. Soon, we came upon a house where an old lady was sitting in her front yard, peeling potatoes. She saw my sister and I coming up the road and she introduced herself, "Well hello there, my name is Alice." She invited us inside for a popsicle... while the goose waited patiently on the front stoop. My sister and I became fast friends with Alice, who throughout our wonder years, cared for us, was proud of us, and always wanted the very best for us—and we were there for her whenever she needed us too.

When I thought about the topic of entering a new market this morning, I couldn't help but think of that very first time we moved into that new house and into that new neighborhood. Am I crazy? As you explore new markets, you will probably have competitors like Herbie waddling behind you and pecking at you, but if you can manage to stay one step ahead of them, you'll probably do just fine. As you look to establish yourself in a new market, I encourage you to find a trusted local partner who is willing to look out for you and is eager to help you succeed.

These are exciting times and there are many opportunities for you right in the next town, the next region, as well as the next continent. The world is opening up to you. If you've been thinking about expanding, but haven't taken that first step, this may be the perfect time to give it a try. After all, today's fortune predicts, "You will move to a new home within the year."

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Submitted by:

Bob Akin

Unpackaged in: 

Fort Worth, TX, USA

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"Also does not contain taste."

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"Sugar Free, Low salt, Fat Free and Gluten Free."

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