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You will inherit some money or a small piece of land.

Linda Calabria
Today's fortune submitted by:
Linda Calabria

Boston, MA, USA

Linda Calabria heads Calibration Marketing as CMO/Owner, with 15+ years in marketing and product management. Skilled in strategy and branding, she specializes in prosthetic device regulations. Linda unites teams, boosts sales with emotional content, and manages budgets effectively, ensuring successful launches despite financial limits. She excels in both global firms and startups.

A Small Piece Of Land.

Today's Marketing Cookie is bittersweet.

The truth about inheritance is that it is a final gift or perhaps a belated blessing given to you upon the death of someone who loved you. The loss of someone who loves you is, of course, the bitterness of receiving an inheritance. For that reason, I hope today's fortune does not come true for you. The blessing of an inheritance that has been left behind for you is that it represents the legacy of whatever had been accomplished in their short time on this earth.

As the next generation, you have the responsibility and privilege to then build upon their legacy and provide a stronger foundation for whoever may follow you. You have an opportunity to build on what you've been given and move forward! Many times, unfortunately, inheritances are wasted on short-term pleasures, and the precious legacy that took a lifetime to build is squandered away.

This often happens in companies too when there is a changing of the guard. While change, restructuring, and repositioning are often needed in a company, there is an insatiable desire by the new leadership to remove all traces of the old regime and start over. With the average lifespan of a CMO being just 22 months, I've seen the same company spin their wheels over and over again, and waste countless hours as each new marketing head attempts to uproot whatever had been planted by their predecessor, in order to "make his mark".

One day you will be the new head of marketing, and you will be given whatever had been built before you arrived. Don't be tempted to bring out the wrecking ball, destroy what had been left to you, and start over, as you may well find it more advantageous to build on what you inherit.

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Submitted by:

Linda Calabria

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Boston, MA, USA

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