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You will have wealth.

Jace Nelson
Today's fortune submitted by:
Jace Nelson

St Paul, MN, USA

Jace Nelson, Senior Marketing Manager at Arkray USA, excels in marketing, sales, and communications. A University of St. Thomas graduate with a double major and Mini Masters in Project Management, he's a leader and BSA Eagle Scout, skilled in strategy, client coordination, and presentations.

You Will Have Wealth.

Today's Marketing Cookie is a promise.

I've been writing these marketing cookies for four months now, and I must say there have been many fortunes that promise a fortune. You will inherit money, you will receive a great treasure, and you will become rich. Today's fortune is no exception. "You will have wealth." When I receive such fortunes from people, I usually talk about the work it takes to earn money, or how becoming rich is a state of mind rather than a status. If you'll allow me to venture a contrarian opinion, I'd like to look at this fortune from a different perspective.

Today's fortune says, "You will have wealth," which presupposes that you are without wealth today. Are you really without wealth? Oh, I suppose you may not be on the Forbes list of the world's richest people, but I don't believe that having money is really the same thing as having wealth. You have worthwhile ideas, dreams, and ambitions. You have an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life today, the results of which one could never buy. Most importantly, you have people who love you, and that, my friends, is priceless.

Just for today, rather than thinking about the promise of one day having wealth, I'm asking that you promise to be grateful for the wealth you already have.

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Submitted by:

Jace Nelson

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St Paul, MN, USA

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