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You will have a chance soon to make a profitable transaction.

Simon Salt
Today's fortune submitted by:
Simon Salt

San Antonio, TX, USA

Simon Salt, owner of Gotcha Covered North San Antonio, blends his skills as a yoga and meditation teacher with a passion for mental health advocacy. From London to the US since 2002, Simon's journey from digital marketer to full-time photographer showcases his deep connection to fashion photography and storytelling.

Anonymous Good Deeds.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about the profits of giving.

It is very good indeed for one to make a profit from a job well done, but it doesn't compare to the profits received from the good deeds one does. Above all else, doing good for others is life's most glorious task. Doing good unseen is life's finest pleasure. The richest payment one can receive is the satisfaction of having done something good for another person who will never know its origin.

It's true.

During the holiday season, anonymous donors secretly paid off strangers' layaway accounts at Kmart locations across the country. They were paying for the Christmas gifts many families couldn't afford, especially toys and children's clothes that had been set aside by impoverished parents. When a store representative called a woman who had been helped, she broke down in tears on the phone, explaining that she wasn't going to be able to pay off their layaway and was afraid her kids weren't going to have anything for Christmas.

If you have been the recipient of unexpected generosity, you know how meaningful it can be. This powerful emotion is perhaps only matched by the feeling one has by being anonymously generous. Companies and individuals alike, when doing good for others, can have a significant impact on many lives. I encourage you to consider doing something good for someone else when you see an opportunity to do so. For as today's fortune says, "You will have a chance soon to make a profitable transaction."

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Submitted by:

Simon Salt

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San Antonio, TX, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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