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You will always possess a charm and sense of humor that attracts others.

Ted Rubin
Today's fortune submitted by:
Ted Rubin

Miami, FL, USA

Ted Rubin, a pioneer in social marketing strategy, introduced the concept of Return on Relationship™ (#RonR) in 2009. An author and key influencer since 1997, starting with Seth Godin at Yoyodyne, Ted champions building authentic connections. His expertise, reflected in several co-authored books and international speaking engagements, extends to advising roles across various industries, reinforcing his commitment to impactful, relationship-driven marketing strategies.

You're Attractive.

Today's Marketing Cookie is telling your company to smile... and everyone will dig it! It will be easy for you to be attractive, because you are already really charming and funny, but how about your company? Are your boring and serious marketing programs attracting prospects? I've learned that people like to work with people they like. Is your company likable?  

Integrating a personal touch across your business interactions can significantly alter how clients view and interact with your brand. Adding humor can transform a simple confirmation email into an engaging experience that strengthens your brand's charm and approachability. This strategy not only boosts customer satisfaction but also promotes repeat business and referrals. A company that shares laughter with its customers fosters enduring connections.

When I first joined Twitter, I wanted to impress everyone, so I only tweeted the smartest stuff I could think of about #marketing. (yes I just put a hash tag in a blog post) I was doing okay with it and got a few retweets here and there. 

One day, during the presidential election cycle, I tweeted something totally stupid saying, "Has Sarah Palin ever been parasailin??". No tweet that I have ever written, before or since, has received so much response or been retweeted so much as that one.  Why?  Because people like to laugh!!!  

The bottom line is that people want to see your sense of humor and get a little dose of your charm. Allow some charm to come out in your next marketing program, you may be surprised at how attractive it can be.

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Percent Daily Values are based on the essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy mindset, fostering success in your marketing, prosperity in your career, and fulfillment in your life.








Submitted by:

Ted Rubin

Unpackaged in: 

Miami, FL, USA

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What marketing is really saying:

"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

What marketing says:

"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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