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You will always have good luck in your personal affairs.

Elisabeth Cramer
Today's fortune submitted by:
Elisabeth Cramer

Potomac, MD, USA

Elisabeth Cramer is a seasoned Oncology Sales Leader at Natera, with 20+ years of experience in launching over 13 oncology diagnostics. Known for her expertise in team building, coaching, and achieving exceptional sales outcomes.

Lucky To Be You.

Today's Marketing Cookie is all about you.

I like today's fortune. First, it uses the word "always," which is one of two words my mother always said was impossible for people like me to use when referring to myself. The other word she told me to avoid is "never." My mother explained that if I were to claim that I will "always" believe something, I am closing my mind to the possibility of learning and eliminating the opportunity to change. If I say I would "never" do something, I might break my word. And if someone breaks their word, they no longer exist in the context of their promises.

She didn't mean that I shouldn't commit wholeheartedly to something in which I believe, but rather to avoid speaking in absolutes. Today's fortune, however, comes from a higher power and did not have the benefit of my mother's wisdom. Therefore, I shall embrace the use of "always" in today's fortune.

The second word I would like to highlight from this fortune is "have" because it unlocks the truth. This fortune isn't making a promise or a prediction, but rather, it makes an observation about you. It does not say, "you will always get good luck." Instead, it says, "you will always have good luck." Do you see what this means? The good luck you will always experience in your personal affairs comes from the good you bring and the good you create. You are the author of your own good luck.

Always—not sometimes.

You will always choose how you will live your life. You will always choose what you believe, who you will love, and how happy you want to be. You will always have whatever luck you choose, and most of all, you will always be lucky to be you!

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Submitted by:

Elisabeth Cramer

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Potomac, MD, USA

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