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You have the exceptional ability to understand the fancies of marketable ideas.

Christine Boyle
Today's fortune submitted by:
Christine Boyle

Boston, MA, USA

Christine Boyle passed away, leaving a legacy as an innovative healthcare marketing leader at Oncology Analytics, Inc., where she excelled in creating integrated programs that deeply connected the company's value proposition with its sales strategy.

Christine's passing was devastating for everyone who knew her. We first worked together in the mid-90's and those were wonderful days! Throughout her career, she always looked for and created new opportunities for us to work together on projects. I will be eternally grateful that she always found a way to include me in her life.

Happy Birthday!

Today's Marketing Cookie is a celebration!

On April 2nd I wrote the very first Marketing Cookie. Over the years, I've written a daily marketing blog based on whatever it says in other people's fortune cookies. Yes, I've been writing them two hours a day, seven days a week, except for whenever I didn't.

I'll admit there have been a few occasions when I've missed a day or two. It was typically due to lack of Internet access or because I was too sick or sleepy to write anything, but no distraction or interruption has been able to keep me away for very long.

The longevity of the Marketing Cookies is a great achievement and although some are more memorable than others, I am proud of every post I've written. While I am thrilled by how the cookies have evolved, and by where they may take us, I am even more proud of their origin. 

It all began by ordering Chinese food and sitting down to develop a plan and content calendar for ablog. By the end of the evening, the plans were created, and I was ready to rock and roll.

Then, it came time, as is the standard tradition, to open the fortune cookies. I read the fortune which said, "It takes a long time to achieve instant success." 


I decided to commit to writing a marketing blog every day, based on whatever I find in a fortune cookie. I went to Amazon to order a box of fortune cookies, and within a few days, I had a giant box of 400 fortune cookies on my desk. 

Today's fortune says, "You have the exceptional ability to understand the fancies of marketable ideas." I'm not sure about fancies, but i can say that If you have a good idea, the hard work is really easy!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Cookie

Percent Daily Value


Percent Daily Values are based on the essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy mindset, fostering success in your marketing, prosperity in your career, and fulfillment in your life.








Submitted by:

Christine Boyle

Unpackaged in: 

Boston, MA, USA

Cookie Ingredients:


What marketing is really saying:

"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

What marketing says:

"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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