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You have an uncanny willingness and ability to help others.

Joanne Logie
Today's fortune submitted by:
Joanne Logie

Boston, MA, USA

Joanne Logie, founder of New England Vacation Rentals, excels in evolving business strategies and tackling challenges. She's dedicated to enhancing the vacation rental market, ensuring client success and memorable guest experiences. An independent visionary, ready for the next challenge.

True Heroes.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about true heroes.

Less than twelve hours ago, senseless bombings disrupted an otherwise perfect marathon day in Boston. It was a hateful attempt to instill terror and fear in the hearts and minds of our city, yet our people rushed to help one another. Anyone expecting a different response from Bostonians clearly isn't familiar with us. Whether on Patriot's Day or any other, it has been said that "A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." Boston has always been a city of heroes.

Yesterday was no exception.

Joe Andruzzi, an offensive lineman for the New England Patriots for five seasons, earning three Super Bowl rings, was among the first responders. With his background, Joe could easily enjoy VIP treatment and elite status, but that's not his way.

That's not how Joe's family thinks, either. All three of Joe's brothers are members of the New York City Fire Department and responded to the attacks on September 11, 2001. Selflessness runs in his blood. When the bombs went off, Joe immediately sought to help others, embodying true heroism.

When asked about his actions, Joe said, "Marathon Monday should be about uplifting stories, personal challenges, and fundraising milestones, but today's bombings irrevocably changed that. While I appreciate the interest in our perspective on today's horrific events, the spotlight should remain on the countless individuals—first responders, medics, EMTs, runners who crossed the finish line and continued running to give blood, and civilians who did whatever they could to save lives. They were the true heroes. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this senseless tragedy."

Joe is a cancer survivor and runs a foundation called UpBeat, which raises funds to assist cancer patients and support pediatric brain cancer research. Every year, he organizes a team of runners for the Boston Marathon.

While the marathon was disrupted, the spirit of true heroes was not. Through the darkness of tragedy, a beacon of light shone down Boylston Street, highlighting our commitment to freedom and our profound love for one another. Today's fortune aptly describes Bostonians, saying, "You have an uncanny willingness and ability to help others."

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Joanne Logie

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Boston, MA, USA

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