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You have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Leah Friedenberg
Today's fortune submitted by:
Leah Friedenberg

Tucson, AZ, USA

Leah Friedenberg, the SVP of Organizational Development at Pima Federal Credit Union, where she brings 20+ years of exemplary experience in credit union operations. Known for her passion and expertise in payment product administration, Leah excels at inspiring teams to achieve excellence. Her skills in project implementation and relationship-building drives sustainable growth across all levels of the organization.

The Four Spirits of Entrepreneurship.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about embracing the entrepreneurial spirit within you.

On a bleak and foggy night, as the clock strikes midnight, a wondrous phenomenon occurs. Four ethereal figures emerge, each embodying a vital aspect of the entrepreneurial journey. These are the Four Spirits of Entrepreneurship, here to guide and inspire you.

First to appear is the Spirit of Vision, cloaked in shimmering light, holding a crystal ball that sparkles with endless possibilities. The spirit speaks with a clear voice, "You see beyond the horizon, finding opportunities where others see only obstacles. You innovate and create, illuminating the path to success with the light of new ideas."

Next, the room fills with a sudden gust of wind, revealing the Spirit of Resilience, clad in gleaming armor with many dents and scratches that mend as it speaks. "You endure where others falter. You adapt to the ever-changing world, bending but never breaking. Your strength lies not in avoiding failure but in rising from it, learning and growing stronger each time."

Then, the room shimmers with a golden light as the Spirit of Resourcefulness appears, wielding a magical toolkit overflowing with tools that transform with a mere touch. "You take the mundane and make it magnificent. You find value where others see waste, turning scarcity into abundance through cleverness and ingenuity."

Finally, the room grows warm and inviting, as the Spirit of Connection emerges with a golden thread in hand, weaving connections that sparkle in the air. The embodiment of relationships and empathy speaks softly, "You bring people together, forging bonds that are strong and lasting. You understand the hearts and minds of others, creating value through collaboration and understanding."

Whether you think of yourself as an entrepreneur or not, you can aspire to see opportunities where others see obstacles. You can endure hardships with resilience, make the most of your resources, and build meaningful connections. Collectively, they embody the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. Let them inspire and guide you, and it can be as today's fortune says, "You have an entrepreneurial spirit."

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Submitted by:

Leah Friedenberg

Unpackaged in: 

Tucson, AZ, USA

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