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You desire recognition and you will find it.

Maurice Plourde
Today's fortune submitted by:
Maurice Plourde

Boston, MA, USA

Maurice Plourde heads IT at HeartWare Inc., focusing on strategic initiatives that boost efficiency and add value. His expertise includes risk management, strategic planning, and enterprise infrastructure. A leader in team development and talent retention, Maurice excels in using technology for business transformation, making key contributions to startups and Fortune 100 firms alike.

You Are Such A Ham!

Today's Marketing Cookie is about seeking recognition.

Maurice Plourde and I were out for dinner recently to catch up. While we were together, I was still smiling ear to ear about my first rock band gig. I couldn't stop myself from telling him all about it, probably in more detail than necessary. I explained how I promised myself one year ago to learn guitar well enough to play in front of people. Well, I kept my promise. I taught myself how to play, joined a band, and we participated in a concert with three other bands.

He responded, "I never knew you were such a ham, Myles." I shrugged and nodded with passive admittance, and we both laughed.

After we finished eating our meal, I gave him a fortune cookie to open so I could feature him in my cookie blog today. He took one look at the fortune and laughed, saying, "This one is so perfect for you!" Then he handed it to me. I read it aloud, saying, "You desire recognition and you will find it." How wonderful!

The truth is, I am a marketer. It should come as no surprise that seeking recognition is part of my DNA, and finding it is my profession.

My job is to shine as much light on my clients' companies, services, and products as possible. Not just me, either. It's what everyone I work with is thinking, working, and focusing on every single day. We build recognizable brands. We seek recognition for clients through public relations, and we work all day to get likes, followers, and leads for our clients.

I'd like to say I also desire recognition for our clients. I want the entire world to know about them. I want to help be famous for what they do; to be admired for who they are. I want them to win awards; to be recognized and remembered. I desire recognition for them, and I am certain they will find it, just as today's fortune says.

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Submitted by:

Maurice Plourde

Unpackaged in: 

Boston, MA, USA

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What marketing is really saying:

"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

What marketing says:

"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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