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You are interested in public service and would make an outstanding statesman.

Sandra Matty
Today's fortune submitted by:
Sandra Matty

Dallas, TX, USA

Sandra Matty: Senior Manager, Social Media Strategy & Insights at Sally Beauty. MBA candidate & content creator with diverse experience in social media, marketing, and digital strategy across Fortune 500 industries. Skilled in driving ROI-focused social media strategies & launching innovative digital programs.

The Dream of Public Service.

Today's Marketing Cookie reflects on the grand aspirations of our youth.

My father had an extensive collection of political campaign memorabilia. He would take me to New Hampshire for the presidential primaries so we could meet all the candidates, understand the political process, and, of course, collect more campaign pins. We shook many hands. I met successful candidates like Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., as well as many hopefuls who did not win, such as Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale (Jimmy Carter's Vice President), John Glenn (the astronaut), Bob Dole, Jesse Jackson, Geraldine A. Ferraro, Gary Hart, and Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, just to name a few.

Meeting average people who could later become the most powerful leaders in the world left a significant impression on me. Among those I met, John Glenn stands out the most. During his campaign, he stepped out of a car, ruffled my hair, handed me a little American flag, and told me, "Be the best you can be, young man."

On our way home from the New Hampshire primaries in 1984, I told my dad I wanted to run for president like John Glenn. He smiled and said, "Nothing would make me more proud."

Life, however, has a way of reshaping our plans.

After starting to pay taxes, raising a family, and building a career, my dream of running for president has dimmed. Although I'm interested in public service, as today's fortune suggests, and have served in an elected office through my involvement in the AMA, I'm uncertain about running for political office in the future, especially considering the current political climate.

Whether or not I run for president someday, I hope my life's contributions will be enough to make my father proud.

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Submitted by:

Sandra Matty

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Dallas, TX, USA

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