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What you see in the mirror, and what you are can be two different images.

Elsa Acosta
Today's fortune submitted by:
Elsa Acosta

Valley Cottage, NY, USA

Dr. Elsa Acosta is a retired school psychologist, working with emotionally and behaviorally disabled children for 27 years and a former college professor, celebrated for her profound impact in the field of child development. As a devoted mother and loving grandmother, her personal experiences deeply enriched her professional life, bringing a unique warmth and understanding to her work.

Dr. Acosta is my mother-in-law. She is a remarkable woman whose warmth, wisdom, and generous spirit enriches my life in countless ways.

Reality Bites.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about the difference between perception and reality.

While I am playing electric guitar, filling the house with roaring rock music, I perceive myself as one of the greats like Hendrix, Allman, BB King, Clapton, Page, or Stevie Ray Vaughan. The louder, harder, and faster I play, the higher my spirits soar. I envision myself standing on stage, near a tower of shooting flames, playing wicked solos in front of a sea of swaying fans who can't help themselves but scream out for more.

However, when I hear the recording of my music played back to me, I am horrified to realize how poorly I play. How could I be so far off? How could I think it sounded so good? I swear, if it weren't for my dreams of grandeur to keep me practicing, the harshness of reality would be nearly unbearable.

In the moment when I face the reality of how I really sound, I feel like one of those poor people who audition for American Idol but couldn't carry a tune if their life absolutely depended on it. In some cases, they are so far off, not even auto-tune would help. Do they honestly think they can sing? Why do they act so surprised when the judges snicker and say, "no way"? Is their perception of themselves truly that disconnected from reality?

So then, how do you perceive yourself? How do you perceive your brand? Have you really looked?

As marketers, we must force ourselves to face reality and be willing to have our song played back to us. That's what a "tough love" agency like ours will do for you. We will help make sure the quality of your music matches the promises you made in your messaging. We make sure perceptions are aligned with reality. Otherwise, your prospects will snicker at you as they say, "no way!" Your brand message won't work if it is a lie, just as a comb-over has never fooled anyone about the reality of baldness. It is true, as today's fortune says, "What you see in the mirror, and what you are can be two different things."

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Submitted by:

Elsa Acosta

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Valley Cottage, NY, USA

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What marketing is really saying:

"You will not win."

What marketing says:

"Many will enter, few will win."

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