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Tomorrow is a good day for trying something new.

Katherine Conroy
Today's fortune submitted by:
Katherine Conroy

Seattle, WA, USA

Before her passing, Katherine Conroy, served as Sr Manager Product Marketing at Cadence 3. She was celebrated for her strategic insight and transformative marketing with Microsoft and Cisco. Renowned for innovative GTM and brand management, she boosted revenue and promoted an inclusive, collaborative culture. Her expertise in strategic planning and global marketing launches made a significant impact in the industry, leaving a lasting legacy.

I met Katherine at my first AMA Leadership Summit, and over the years we became very good friends. Her energy and sense of humor has been sorely missed.

New Year's Resolution.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about New Year's resolutions.

The big ball will drop in Times Square tonight, resetting our calendar and kicking off a new year. It will be the start of something new and a chance to create a promise to be or do something better or different. It's a clean slate and a fresh chance to improve, build, or advance from wherever we are today! Exciting indeed.

So what will be your resolution tonight? Do you have more than one? Is it the same as last year? If you are like me, you'll aim to push and stretch yourself into uncharted territory and perhaps try accomplishing something just beyond your capability. If it didn't work out last year, don't judge yourself too harshly. I admire the courage it took to set such lofty goals.

Last New Year's Eve, I set out to teach myself how to play the guitar. Believe it or not, I worked at it all year long, and next week I'll begin twelve weeks of rehearsals with a band formed from a few people at a local music school. Our first live performance will be in March! How crazy is that?

What's next?

As I struggle to think this morning about my resolution for next year, I suddenly realize what I need first is... a revelation. Should I attempt to optimize the status quo by reading more, trying new diets, or rigorous exercise? Would it be best to have a resolution connected with my role in my company, my work for our clients, or my contribution to the marketing industry as a whole? Or should I strive for something more elegant by committing to a year of fine arts such as writing long-form poetry, creating sculptures with clay, and painting with oils?

I don't know. It hasn't hit me yet. I am hopeful that a revelation will come to me before the final countdown tonight at midnight. I hope it will be something meaningful and important. Not just for my benefit, but perhaps something wonderful I can promise for my family, my friends, and yes, maybe even something I can do for you. Today's fortune says, "Tomorrow is a good day for trying something new." I'm looking forward to it... how about you?

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Submitted by:

Katherine Conroy

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Seattle, WA, USA

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