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To serve, not to be served.

Vanessa Malfitano
Today's fortune submitted by:
Vanessa Malfitano

Naples, FL, USA

Enrollment & Student Success Manager at Nichols College with over a decade in nonprofit development and higher education. Passionate about helping others excel, meeting deadlines, and surpassing goals.

Not Forgotten.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about remembering those who died serving others.

Today is September 11th. I shall set aside the subject of marketing today and reflect on the memory of that tragedy. Today is a day which can never again be regarded as any other. It was a day when we felt the sting of terror, endured a prolonged moment of agonizing vulnerability, and it was a day that spurred a turning point in history. As the sun rises this morning on my writing, so too does a deep sadness for the loss of life our nation suffered that day. For out of the beautiful blue sky, came a swift darkness that struck the very heart and soul of America, and as those towers fell, so too did our innocence. The world shall be forever changed.

Before the magnitude of this change could be realized, and before the outcome of the tragedy could be known, emergency workers responded to the attacks with immense bravery. Even as the victims were exiting the towers, the firemen and emergency workers rushed into the looming danger. In a selfless effort to save lives, four hundred and twelve emergency workers lost their own. What was revealed in those men and women was a level of courage that most of us will never be called to exhibit for the benefit of others.

Even if we are never asked to respond to a searing, unthinkable moment of terror, we are, however, called to the service of others. Although most will never be asked to lay down their lives in an attempt to save the life of another, we can choose to wear the badge of care, and accept a mission of generosity. We can do this to honor their memory. Their spirit of service, given even in their final breath of life, will never be forgotten if we are willing to continue living it on their behalf. When we are willing to serve those in need of help, we will forever honor the memory of those who lived by the words of today's fortune as it says, "To serve, not to be served."

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Submitted by:

Vanessa Malfitano

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Naples, FL, USA

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