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There are no stupid questions, just stupid answer.

Judy Ottenstroer
Today's fortune submitted by:
Judy Ottenstroer

Charlotte, NC, USA

Judy Ottenstroer, Sr. Director of Professional Services at Medallia, excels as a CX pro skilled in consumer & B2B markets. Renowned for her expert research and project management, she's pivotal in executing complex projects with exceptional results, contributing significantly to success.

One Stupid Answer.

Today's Marketing Cookie addresses what I consider the stupidest word for marketers.

I'm not a grammar expert, but I think the word "answer" in the fortune should be plural, right? It should say "just stupid answers." But then, what about those who consistently have just one answer for every question, regardless of its nature? They are absolutely certain they will not and cannot succeed, offering a single, unintelligent answer to every chance they get.

They say "can't."

They find comfort in this one repetitive answer because it means they don't have to learn, grow, take risks, or endure the pains of success or achievement. Moreover, they cling to their "can't" to avoid taking responsibility for anything. They take great care to nurture their "can't," ensuring they always have something new to complain about when opportunities arise. Eventually, their "can't" grows so large that it anchors them, preventing any forward movement. This "can't" effectively imprisons them in mediocrity, and they seem to prefer it that way.

Albert Einstein once said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." This rings true. Even if the universe has limits, "can't" can devour everything it touches if allowed, including you. Once "can't" takes hold, it helps those lacking insight to distance themselves and others from success. I've observed that "can't" is likely contagious, as I've seen it halt progress in meetings with even the most daring marketers.

Our clients often choose us because we have a bottle of "can't" repellent at the agency. If you're affected, we'll address it before it completely hinders you. "Can't" is the one answer that should be eradicated from a marketer's vocabulary. It's a word I never want heard around my children, to prevent them from catching even a hint of foolishness. The next time opportunity knocks, answer it with "can"! It could be the smartest thing you say.

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Submitted by:

Judy Ottenstroer

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Charlotte, NC, USA

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