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The simplest answer is to act.

Mary Beth Spuck
Today's fortune submitted by:
Mary Beth Spuck

Dallas, TX, USA

Mary Beth Spuck is the President and CEO of Resource One Credit Union. Her unwavering commitment and love for the credit union movement are evident in her daily efforts to empower members and foster community growth. Her remarkable dedication and expertise have guided Resource One's strategic vision and success, and continues to strengthen the community she serves.

You Know The Answer.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about overcoming hesitation, taking action, and embracing the mindset of doing rather than overthinking.

In 1988, Nike hired Dan Wieden's small agency, Wieden+Kennedy, to create the company's first-ever TV spot. Dan and his team had developed several ads, but they lacked a unifying element. In a last-minute burst of inspiration, Dan insisted on adding a tagline. Inspired by the last words of a convicted murderer who, facing execution, simply said, "Let's do it," Wieden transformed this phrase into a powerful personal call to action: "Just Do It." This simple yet profound message spoke directly to the individual, encouraging athletes and everyday people alike to overcome their obstacles and embrace action. It would become one of the most iconic calls to action in advertising history.

We already know what we need to do. We know what we want to achieve. We even know how to do it. Yet, we frequently find ourselves caught in the trap of overthinking and hesitation, paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake. Whether it's starting a new project, making a career change, or simply tackling a long-procrastinated task, action propels us towards our goals. The key is to stop asking questions and start doing.

The habit of incessantly asking questions about a path that is already clear, signals insecurity and creates an unnecessary obstacle course that impedes your success. Once your plan is completed, continued overthinking, endless analysis, and the pursuit of perfectionism complicate what would otherwise be simple actions. The temptation to develop contingency plans, look for possible exceptions to accommodate, and constantly seek reassurances before completing the basics only delays your progress. These behaviors stem from a fear of failure and ultimately hinder your ability to act.

If Dan had pitched "Let's Do It" to Nike, the brand would have promoted a collaborative approach, emphasizing the need for teamwork. Winning the game together makes sense for a sports company, right? But he didn't. Instead, he insisted on inspiring individuals to overcome hesitation and take immediate action on their own. Instead of getting bogged down in endless questions, validation, and preparations, it's crucial to let go of asking and embrace a mindset of doing. Simplify your approach, uncomplicate what can be done right now, and start making progress, because, as today's fortune says, "The simplest answer is to act."

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Submitted by:

Mary Beth Spuck

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Dallas, TX, USA

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