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The best way to get credit is to give it away.

Peg O'Donnell
Today's fortune submitted by:
Peg O'Donnell

Walpole, MA, USA

Peg O'Donnell is a dynamic event manager at Interactions, known for her strategic leadership and collaborative approach. She excels in enhancing event operations and fostering strong partnerships with vendors and internal teams. With a background in marketing communications and public relations, Peg's expertise is further highlighted by her experience on exhibiting councils in the personal protection equipment industry.

Power of Appreciation.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about the impact of giving and receiving recognition as a team leader.

You’ve probably heard it said that you receive equal to whatever you give. While this is sometimes true, the return you receive as a leader is not always equal. 

Please allow me to explain:

When you take the time to acknowledge your team members for their hard work and dedication, you foster a culture of appreciation and mutual respect. Recognizing someone for going the extra mile or exceeding expectations not only boosts their morale but also sets a precedent for others to follow. Your efforts to highlight the accomplishments of others do not go unnoticed, but the way it comes back differs from what you gave. Instead of receiving accolades for hard work, you will be recognized as a leader who values and uplifts the contributions of everyone on the team.

Delivering good results is your responsibility. When you hit your targets, it's important to publicly acknowledge the people whose ideas and execution made it all happen. Praising your team for their innovation and resourcefulness creates an environment where creativity and initiative are encouraged. By celebrating the successes of others, you establish yourself as a supporter of growth and development. This approach cultivates an atmosphere where individuals feel empowered to share their thoughts and take bold steps, knowing their extra oomph will be recognized and appreciated.

The encouragement, accolades, and recognition you give to others are not just gestures of goodwill. They are investments in your reputation as a leader who knows how to bring out the best in people. You will become known for your ability to inspire, motivate, and lead with influence, creating a lasting impact on your team and organization. This kind of giving and receiving highlights that true leadership is about lifting others to achieve collective success, so it can be as today’s fortune says, “The best way to get credit is to give it away.”

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Submitted by:

Peg O'Donnell

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Walpole, MA, USA

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