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The best teacher is also a student.

Saralyn Marquis
Today's fortune submitted by:
Saralyn Marquis

Boston, MA, USA

Saralyn Marquis, Digital Marketing Campaign Manager at Philips, excels in blending systems thinking and design in her digital marketing strategy. Passionate about using technology to enhance B2B strategies and drive growth sustainably, she also fosters strong partner relationships. Beyond her professional life, Saralyn's love for people and dogs highlights her holistic and progressive approach in the digital realm.

The Best Teacher.

Today's Marketing Cookie delves into the essence of learning.

Reflect for a moment on all the teachers and coaches you've had from grade school through college. Which one would you say was your favorite? Was it someone who devoted extra time to you? Perhaps a teacher who believed in you deeply and made you feel valued? Maybe it was a coach who pushed you to surpass your limits and motivated you towards success? Or could it have been a teacher who offered you something thought-provoking to ponder beyond just homework?

Many teachers have left a positive mark on my life. I recall Dr. David Turk, who introduced me to stage acting, teaching me how to engage an audience, narrate a story, and enjoy the act of pretending. Clyde Snyder showed me how to convey stories and connect with people through graphic design. James Jones educated me on stage design, crafting imaginary settings for our plays and musicals. Each one unearthed creative aspects in me I hadn't recognized before. These teachers were remarkable, and there were many others like them.

However, my most cherished teacher is my mother.

At twelve, I became seriously ill with pneumonia. After spending over a month in the hospital, I was bedridden for nearly a year. During this time, my mother homeschooled me as I recovered, which I regard as one of the happiest periods of my life. She cared for me, loved me, and imparted the most valuable lesson I've ever learned: how to learn. She focused not on drilling the material, working through subjects, or memorizing facts, but on teaching me the learning process itself.

I attribute my success not to my accomplishments or knowledge, but to my capacity to learn. In the ever-evolving fields of marketing and advertising, relying solely on existing knowledge is insufficient. Continuous learning, evolution, and growth are essential, not just for marketers but for great teachers as well. My mother taught me to view each day as a new beginning and never to mistake knowledge for wisdom. Indeed, as today's fortune cookie states, "The best teacher is also a student."

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Submitted by:

Saralyn Marquis

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Boston, MA, USA

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