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Take a vacation, you will have unexpected gains.

George Nikanorov
Today's fortune submitted by:
George Nikanorov

New York, NY, USA

George Nikanorov, a Marketing Leader, has boosted SaaS sales by 200% and excelled in financial compliance and IT. He's revitalized marketing, led successful launches, managed acquisitions, and secured 'diverse supplier' status, driving significant revenue and opportunities.

George has very supportive of the cookie project and a good friend to me over the years. I always look forward to our chats.

Departing from Comfort.

Today’s Marketing Cookie started out as advice based on something I actually know little about and suddenly became a personal challenge of changing my ways.

Imagine taking a 10-day vacation. Not from your work, but from yourself. Sail away from your usual habits, routines, and opinions. Just like a real vacation, this break from your-usual-self can be a refreshing and transformative way to discover your-new-self.

First, let’s unpack what this looks like. Instead of waking up and diving straight into your emails, start the day with a walk or writing in a journal with an actual pen. Perhaps try some meditation or enjoy a quiet breakfast without any digital distractions. Your phone might feel ignored, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have feelings... yet. This simple shift can set a different tone for your day.

In meetings, if you’re usually the quiet one, challenge yourself to speak up more. Or, if you’re the talkative type, just zip it and practice some active listening. On this trip, make up a game: earn one point for every time you ask others for their thoughts, and award yourself two points for every time you summarize someone else's point before adding your own. You might be surprised by the fresh perspectives and ideas that emerge when you change your approach.

During your vacation, embrace open-mindedness in your everyday activities. Switch off the autopilot. Don’t order the same thing you always order; drive a different route to the gym or maybe rearrange your living room furniture. Read a book or watch a documentary on subjects you know very little about. Maybe listen to a completely different genre of music or try a new podcast. By being open to new experiences and perspectives, you can broaden your understanding of the world and enrich your personal growth.

Sounds pretty good, right? Or does it?

Having written all of this, I’ll admit this is a voyage I’ve yet to take to get away from myself. While I’m endlessly curious, spontaneous, and adventurous when it comes to jumping into all types and forms of marketing, I usually resist the notion of stepping out of my favorite ways and preferences. Especially when it comes to food, music, movies, and routines, it’s taken me about fifty years to establish my comfort zones and the idea of stepping away from my established habits for 10 days is a little terrifying.

I promise to take this voyage. Will you join me? Together, let’s break free from our routines, embrace new experiences, and see what unexpected gains we may discover. Let’s embark on a journey of open-mindedness and see where it takes us. Hopefully it turns out just as today's fortune prescribes, "Take a vacation, you will have unexpected gains."

  • Inspired by: What About Bob?

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Submitted by:

George Nikanorov

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New York, NY, USA

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