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Strength is built upon inner character. Character is built upon inner strength.

Marsh Sutherland
Today's fortune submitted by:
Marsh Sutherland

Boston, MA, USA

Marsh Sutherland, recruiting at Vizit, excels in full-cycle recruitment for various departments with a 2-week fill rate and 85% acceptance rate. Skilled in team leadership and training, he's adept at identifying talent in the tech landscape. Closed 84 employees and 30 interns for Ocient, is an 8X startup founder, and TechStars advisor.

Marsh is a good man! He has sent me more fortunes than anyone and has been endlessly supportive of my Cookie blog project. I'm incredibly grateful for his unwavering support—it truly means the world to me.

Your Signature.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about the strength of your signature.

The origin of the word "character" comes from the ancient Greek word "kharax," which means "to inscribe." I think of that familiar candlelit scene in the movies when Caesar makes a decree, then drips some wax on the paper, and presses his ring into the wax to seal his word. The emperor's "character" was literally his signature. Anyone who reads the decree could see his mark and would recognize its authenticity and acknowledge its authority. Caesar's decree would be promptly observed because his signature was backed by unmatched strength and a great force of power.

Your signature, like the emperor's, is also your character. It is the combination of qualities that distinguishes you from another. Your character is recognized by the things you say and how you say them. You've become known by the way you treat others, and by the way you've made them feel. There's no one else with the authority to use your signature, and only you have the strength and power to ensure that your word is kept.

The strength behind the throne was the imperial guard and a vastly powerful army. The strength behind your character is your will. When you give your word, it is a measure of your character to understand what lengths you would go through to keep it. Keeping your word consistently creates a track record. If you've proven your word to be trustworthy, your signature will be valued and will likely receive the respect it deserves. If your name is unfamiliar, the testimony of someone they recognize could be necessary to vouch for your character. From then on, it will be your responsibility to build strength behind your character.

The same principles apply in business. A brand will be recognized by the things it says and how it says them. The company will become known by the way it treats its customers, the quality of its products, and by the way it makes people feel. The company's character is only as strong as the promises it keeps. Whether it be your signature, the mark of an emperor, or the brand of a company, I believe today's fortune is correct when it says, "Strength is built upon inner character. Character is built upon inner strength."

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Submitted by:

Marsh Sutherland

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Boston, MA, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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