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Sometimes traveling to a new place leads to great transformation.

Heather E Beers-Dimitriadis
Today's fortune submitted by:
Heather E Beers-Dimitriadis

New York, NY, USA

Heather Beers-Dimitriadis is a Political Communications Consultant dedicated to being the change she seeks. Specializing in NYC's public education, redistricting, and campaign communications, she has notably managed City Council race communications, offering strategic advice and expertise in engaging public discourse.

Heather and I went to the same college and worked on several plays and musical productions together. I have enjoyed watching her excel in her endeavors.

Great Transformation.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about trying something new and finding great relief.

One of the greatest joys of being in a marketing agency is seeing our clients achieve their goals. It isn't always easy or immediate, but it is, without exception, always necessary. Whether a company is suffering from an identity crisis and needs to reposition itself in the marketplace, or they're struggling to keep the pipeline filled and desperately need to generate more leads, they need help making such important changes. When the change really works and we achieve our goals, there are often two key emotions that wash over our client's face: celebration and immense relief.

I had been working in the yard a little on Sunday and must have been in close proximity to some poison ivy. When I woke up itchy and aggravated on Tuesday morning, I immediately knew what was up and went to the doctor. I was prescribed the special steroids I always take when I have this horrible affliction and I smiled as I took the first dose. Even though it will take a few days to completely eradicate the rash, these miracle pills work very quickly to halt it from spreading any further, which is a cause for great celebration! The cortisone cream I use stops the itch and brings me so much relief that I actually giggled out loud when I put it on.

For me, these steroid pills are a remarkable advancement in medicine that have changed my life. There were times when I got poison ivy so badly as a kid that I was bed-ridden and had to walk with a cane like a crippled old man. One time I had it on my face so badly that I couldn't open my eyes to see. None of this compared, of course, to the summer when I had poison ivy and chicken pox at the same time. The problem was, there really wasn't anything the doctor could do for me. The prognosis was always the same. With compassion in his voice, he would say, "Put this cream on it, stay cool, and do the best you can to be comfortable while you wait it out."

I still catch poison ivy at least once a year, and I probably always will. The difference is that now I am blessed with a wonderful treatment that brings me reliable relief. It can be like that for our clients. They don't always know exactly why the leads have gone soft or why sometimes their sales are down. It just happens. When it does, people in the company get itchy and agitated and they really don't want to hear a prognosis of, "Stay cool and wait it out." So, before the problem can spread any further, they hire an agency to help them solve the problem.

As quickly as the field of medicine has advanced in recent years, so too have the channels, tactics, and opportunities in marketing. When we see a tough case walk in our door, we typically prescribe a series of quick wins to ease their immediate pain. As it reverses the trend and we begin putting numbers on the board, we might hear our client giggle a little. Meanwhile, the longer-term treatment is often a new form of media or a different approach to marketing, that the company has never tried before, which may require a little time to take effect, but when it works, the relief it brings is certainly cause for celebration.

I apologize, but my fingers are wicked itchy as I am writing this, which is why today's fortune has been wrapped in a rash of metaphors. What I hope you can appreciate through this itchy analogy is that you may not have to suffer through doing things the same old way you always have. There's a whole new world of marketing that has been discovered, and you might even experience life-changing success by trying something new. It can be for you just as today's fortune says, "Sometimes traveling to a new place leads to great transformation."

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Submitted by:

Heather E Beers-Dimitriadis

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New York, NY, USA

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