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Silence says more than a thousand words.

Jodi Cohen
Today's fortune submitted by:
Jodi Cohen

Austin, TX, USA

Jodi Cohen, Director of Operations at Recruit Rockstars, excels in efficiency and organizational skills, adeptly managing responsibilities to enhance team bandwidth. Known for her proactive approach and exceptional follow-up, Jodi is celebrated and highly recommended for her ability to keep operations running smoothly.

I lived with Jodi's family for a summer, which was an unforgettable experience. Jodi's infectious sense of humor and love for her family, filled every day with fun and laughter.

What We Say Without Speaking

Today's Marketing Cookie is a measure of what we say without speaking.

My mother used to say, "It is not what you say that people remember, but rather what you do that makes a difference." As always, she was right. Unfortunately, not all marketers had the opportunity to get advice and learn from my mother. In fact, many take the opposite approach.

In order to make their numbers, marketers often make grandiose claims and impossible promises to attract prospects and make the sale. Then, once the sale is made, customers become disappointed when the product or service they purchased doesn't measure up to the expectations they were given.

Before I talk further about speaking, I'd like to focus on the word "expectations" for just a moment. Please stay with me—I promise it won't take long.

A moment ago, I wrote the words, "the expectation they were given." If you call yourself a "marketer," it is critically important that you understand that most expectations in the buying process are created by the seller and the industry, not by the buyer. It is true that prospects have needs and filling their need motivates them to go shopping and make a purchase. However, it is important to realize that they begin shopping without knowing how to buy, where to buy, or what to expect. As they begin shopping, they are given their expectations by you and your competitors.

Customers do not form expectations on their own.

As they compare your company's products and services to others, they begin to measure all the expectations they have been given. They consider all the claims and promises you've made about the great features and benefits, reliable service, and bullet-proof credibility. Then, eventually, they make their purchase decision and this is where all the expectations must be met. What in the world did you promise? Did you give your new customer a false expectation? Will you deliver what you said? Can you deliver what you said? Being tempted to make false claims for a short-term gain in revenue does not benefit your company if the result is a long-term loss of confidence.

In closing, I would just like to say that the best and greatest marketing program you could ever run is thrilling your existing customers. Make them smile! What your company does for customers will always have a greater effect on sales, revenue, and overall growth than anything your company could ever think of saying to prospects. If you make your customers happy, they will sing your praises and talk to prospects on your behalf. If you are really committed to creating happy customers, you may never have to say another word—and what form of marketing could possibly be better than that?

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Submitted by:

Jodi Cohen

Unpackaged in: 

Austin, TX, USA

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What marketing is really saying:

"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

What marketing says:

"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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