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Seek to assert your devotion when a worthy situation arises.

Christina Inge
Today's fortune submitted by:
Christina Inge

Boston, MA, USA

Christina is a marketing agency CEO, author, and professor with strong track record of driving ROI, building successful teams, and designing innovative multichannel programs. Experienced in building strategic marketing programs, leading and mentoring teams, and building consensus.

Christina and I met at AMA Boston. She always has such terrific ideas, is an effective manager and was an incredible contributor to our success.

Worthy of Devotion.

I had a vision that our chapter website would serve as a central hub for marketers to get connected to one another and get closer to their profession. Twenty-one days after the launch, Christina Inge joined our new networking site, and from the very beginning, she contributed great value and leadership to our community.

Over time, she has recruited a social media team to help manage the site and continued to raise her hand to carry forward the cause that I had started four years ago. As my second term as president was winding down, I was proud to see Christina elected onto the board and was personally relieved to hand the reins of our social network into her care.

With over 2,000 members, the site has been recognized throughout the AMA as a model to be followed. Since 2008, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have grown incredibly large, and yet every day, marketers continue to connect with one another, write blogs, and share information on our site. There have been a few times when a question was asked if the social networking site deserves all the effort it gets. Without hesitation, Christina takes a stand with uncommon dedication to assert her devotion to what she believes is a worthy cause.

You see, it isn't really the site itself that she works to defend, feed, and nurture. Rather, it's the members of the community, you and me, who have come to know, like, and trust the chapter through her efforts. WE are the worthy cause that she has been so devoted to… and for that, I am truly grateful.

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Submitted by:

Christina Inge

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Boston, MA, USA

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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