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Real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain.

Nicholas Phillips
Today's fortune submitted by:
Nicholas Phillips

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Nicholas Phillips is the Vice President and Senior Learning Director at U.S. Bank where he excels in strategic learning initiatives to drive significant improvements in organizational performance. Known for his authentic leadership and innovative thinking, he effectively identifies learning needs aligned with business priorities and executes impactful development plans.

I had the privilege of working with Nick at PSCU, where his sincerity and can-do attitude consistently stood out. His genuine spirit and approachable nature not only foster a positive culture but also enhance team dynamics. Nick's exceptional ability to connect with people on a personal level highlights his leadership qualities, making him an invaluable asset to any team. His qualities extend beyond professional excellence, and I am proud to call him a friend.

Instant Impact.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about daring to innovate and market boldly, turning uncertain outcomes into definitive success.

I recently learned that during World War II, Nestlé had ramped up its coffee production to meet massive demand from the U.S. military, which used coffee not only as a daily staple for troops but also as a morale booster. As soon as the war ended however, these contracts were canceled, leaving Nestlé with huge quantities of unwanted coffee beans. A looming financial disaster for the company if the surplus coffee spoiled.

Enter Max Morgenthaler, a Swiss chemist with a vision that was as daring as it was radical. He proposed an audacious plan: to transform these beans into a new form of coffee that requires nothing more than hot water to prepare. The stakes couldn’t have been higher. If his idea flopped, it would spell disaster for Nestlé, magnifying their losses. But Max saw beyond the risks and convinced the company executives that there was a potential solution to not only save the surplus but also revolutionize the way people enjoy their coffee.

Through relentless experimentation, Max and his team perfected a method that preserved the coffee's rich aroma and full flavor, transforming it into a convenient, instant form. Nestlé fully embraced Max’s groundbreaking innovation, investing in the necessary production capabilities to rapidly manufacture the product at scale. Moreover, Nestlé allocated a significant portion of their advertising budget to sponsor the popular radio program "The Burns and Allen Show." These strategic decisions ensured that Max’s innovative idea would swiftly become the household brand known as Nescafé.

Max's courage didn't just rescue Nestlé from a potential financial crisis—it also sparked a global coffee revolution, proving that it is as today’s fortune says, “Real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain.”

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Submitted by:

Nicholas Phillips

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Minneapolis, MN, USA

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