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Put your mind into planning today. Look into the future.

Jim Kropp
Today's fortune submitted by:
Jim Kropp

Franklin, MA, USA

Jim Kropp, Product Manager at TRICOR – Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Correction, excels in diverse areas from Brand Strategy to Lead Generation. With a versatile skill set spanning digital and traditional marketing, Jim develops solutions by listening to customer and team pain points. He is driven by facts and metrics, understanding the people behind the numbers. Available for full-time or contract work, Jim is focused on enhancing business growth and profitability.

You Are A Marketing Hero.

Today's Marketing Cookie states the obvious: With the exception of time travel, it is impossible to plan your past.

However, there is a certain truth here that, while obvious, is often neglected by many marketers. We have numbers to hit, goals to achieve, and objectives to reach. In order to track results, marketers spend a lot of time measuring and analyzing the performance of their campaigns. By measuring, the best marketing professionals use the data to optimize the tactics they employ in each channel. It works. I know, because I track, measure, and optimize campaigns every day.

The problem with tracking, measuring, and optimizing your campaigns based on the data is that all of the data comes from the past. It is very tempting, even for the smartest marketer, to use yesterday's performance data to make plans for the future. Unfortunately, the future doesn't like to wear yesterday's clothes. The future doesn't want to buy yesterday's products. In fact, the future would prefer to forget all about yesterday. While yesterday's data can help you optimize an existing campaign, you must NOT use it to create your next campaign. No. Planning should not come from the past; it should come from your imagination, intuition, and inspiration.

We must become the superheroes of marketing. We must beat down the evil villainy of "Lazy Logic," "Dumb Data," and "Mundane Meritocracy." Rather than follow the tempting trends of yesterday, we must innovate and create new ones for tomorrow. Rather than build lethargic programs based on last month's math, we must inspire the world with campaigns based on what no one has seen before. We must rise above, take risks, and create campaigns based on what we have in our hearts. We must run, jump, and fly forward with what we believe in our guts!

You can do it. You have an unlimited imagination, and you are ready to create the world's next "big thing." You are quick, nimble, and faster than real-time. You are motivated, fearless, and brave enough to leap tall line charts in a single bound. As the fortune says, put on your cape, put your mind into planning today, and look into the future!

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Submitted by:

Jim Kropp

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Franklin, MA, USA

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"We won't have to give out too many free meals this year."

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"When the home team wins, kids eat free."

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