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Only you can change your life. No one can do it for you.

Rebecca Mead
Today's fortune submitted by:
Rebecca Mead

Chester, CT, USA

As the founder and director of INQ Creative, a full-service digital marketing firm, Rebecca helps clients integrate their online and offline marketing activities to generate ROI. Working with professional service businesses, associations, and non-profits, we collaborate to help them achieve their marketing and business goals.

I met Rebecca through the AMA. She was a supporter of my cookie project from the very start. I was privileged to spend a weekend with her team, helping to develop their strategic plan — an experience that highlighted her leadership.

Changing Your Life

Today's Marketing Cookie is about changing your life.

I disagree with today's fortune, which suggests that changing one's life is solely a personal endeavor. I believe life changes can also stem from external sources, often beyond one's control.

For instance, a father who chooses to abandon his family, as mine did, changed my life. A man who shot nine people in our office not only altered my life forever but also affected the lives of those he took, their loved ones, and those he spared. Losing a colleague on 9/11 changed my life, and the aftermath of that day likely changed the lives of every American.

The most significant, life-altering events we experience are often not our own doing but the result of either an act of God or the actions of others. Thus, when today's fortune says, "Only you can change your life. No one can do it for you," I find it hard to agree.

Of course, there are many times when I've actively changed my own life. Marrying my best friend undoubtedly changed my life. The birth of our three children certainly changed my life—as well as my bank account. Losing thirty pounds on a salad diet changed my life—and my waistline. Teaching myself to play guitar changed my life—and made our house much louder on Saturdays.

But then I wonder, did I really change my life, or did I simply change my attitude? Countless things can change your life, whether you plan for them or not. However, your attitude is entirely within your control. Am I right?

They can fly planes into our buildings, but we shall not give up our love for our great country. Many fathers have abandoned their children, but those children shall not feel unloved or unwanted. A person can commit heinous acts against us, but we shall not lose our trust in humanity. This is because while they may have the power to change your life, they cannot change your heart, spirit, or attitude.

If I were bold enough to rewrite today's fortune, I would say, "Only you can change your attitude. No one can do it for you."

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Submitted by:

Rebecca Mead

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Chester, CT, USA

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