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One cannot know the best that is in him.

Tracy Darchini
Today's fortune submitted by:
Tracy Darchini

Portland, OR, USA

Tracy Darchini directs communications for The Springs Living, overseeing PR for 20 communities. With 20+ years of experience, she builds corporate image, manages crises, and promotes a positive culture. She values education and mentorship, influenced by her time teaching ESL in Istanbul.

The Dark Shadow of Grief.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about the dark shadow of grief and taking a stand for the innocent.

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart, anchored in the depths of sorrow, and dreading what I know I must write today. The horrific tragedy that transpired in Newtown, Connecticut, has taken the lives of innocent children, destroyed the dreams of their parents, stolen lifelong companions from their siblings, and has broken our hearts. Such an assault on precious children brings grief, terror, and darkness where the future was once the brightest, and hopelessness where happiness once lived. The greatest pain, yet to be realized, is the memory of each precious smile in the present grief of the parents who loved them.

A long shadow is indeed cast again this day, over our homes, cities, and country. This forbidding black shadow, opposite the light, is not of our form or figure, but of our despair. A shadow growing so thick and bleak cannot be washed clean by a thousand tears. A shadow so imposing and cold cannot be warmed with even the longest embrace. While the most eloquently spoken words cannot replace the loss of a single child, or bring comfort to grieving parents, we can, as the President said, "come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics."

These words, "meaningful action to prevent more tragedies," will likely commence a new fight in defense of the sanctity of innocent life. The disarmament of known (and unknown) killers will surely create a battle fought to protect the unarmed. Just as our country had finally matured beyond our unforgivable love affair with uncivilized slavery, our society may have outgrown the necessity of lethal weapons in our homes, streets, and communities.

It took uncommon courage for Abraham Lincoln to abolish slavery, and unpopular bravery to take a stand for what he believed to be the right thing to do. It brought our country into war with itself, and ultimately cost families the lives of over six hundred thousand sons and daughters. In order to uphold the truth and recognize the priceless value of the life of every person, regardless of color, ultimately cost him his own.

Undoubtedly, the fight for the innocent will be fierce, and the pressure to maintain the status quo formidable. However, your fear of the fight must never become greater than your disgust for the enablement of terror. If our society is to become civilized, those who choose to take "meaningful action" must find the same courage and bravery Mr. Lincoln so selflessly demonstrated. He believed he was doing the right thing, but without facing opposition, could not have known how steadfast his convictions. It is just as today's fortune says, "One cannot know the best that is in him" until you've taken a stand for your beliefs.

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Tracy Darchini

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Portland, OR, USA

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