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Old dreams never die, they just get filed away.

Andrea Howey
Today's fortune submitted by:
Andrea Howey

Rineyville, KY, USA

Andrea Howey, a school teacher, wife and mom lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky. She is known for her wicked Boston accent and a die-hard New England Patriots fan.

Andrea is my little sister. We used to watch cartoons at the neighbor's house after school and critique TV commercials together. Perhaps that's when my awareness of marketing first began. Thanks lil' sis!

Old Dreams.

Today's Marketing Cookie keeps the impossible within reach.

The oldest dreams we have are also often our first. Some of our dreams are based on ideals that made a dramatic impression on us, back when the world was wide open and limitless. We thought we could do anything, and that is how we chose our dreams. As time gave way to many yesterdays, specific career opportunities and various life choices came along to steer us along another path. By walking long enough and far enough on our path, we eventually realize that our destination doesn't look anything like the dream we scripted so many years ago.

My wife is a talented artist and poet, and she had always wanted to write children's books. When our son started school, she began writing and illustrating her first story. It took her three years to complete the book, but she did it. The book was a bestseller, and a few weeks ago, it won an award at the New York Book Festival on Madison Avenue. She then wrote a fantastic sequel and is working now on her third book.

My dream has always been to be an actor. When I was eleven years old, I starred in a made-for-TV movie for the Boy Scouts of America. As a result, I decided that I wanted to be in the movies. In college, I had a brief shot at an acting career, but the time wasn't right as I was about to become a father. I stepped off the stage and focused on my responsibilities, paying bills, and building a career in marketing. A decade ago, I decided that I still want to chase my dream, and chose to keep it on hold until October 11th, 2018. On that day, all three of my children will be adults, and I will once again be an actor.

What dream do you have filed away?

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Submitted by:

Andrea Howey

Unpackaged in: 

Rineyville, KY, USA

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