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Nothing in the world is accomplished without passion.

Samantha McGarry
Today's fortune submitted by:
Samantha McGarry

Framingham, MA, USA

Samantha McGarry, with 30+ years in PR, excels in strategic comms, media relations, and storytelling. Her work secures top media spots, supporting clients' goals. Expert in tech and digital transformation, she's also a dedicated volunteer for gun sense. Samantha's leadership and passion inspire her teams to excel.

Passion: The Divine Particle.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about the power of passion.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer, but without a doer to do the doing, even the greatest dreams remain undone. If permitted but a single ingredient to realize your dream, I would advise you to choose an unlimited supply of passion. When passion is heated for an idea and comes to a full boil, it can surpass the limited reach of power, fortune, and influence.

While sitting at Logan Airport awaiting my flight to attend the 2013 AMA Leadership Summit in Chicago, over three hundred AMA Chapter Leaders were giving a standing ovation for a moving speech delivered by Christian Rytting of the Utah Chapter. His chapter was recognized with the "Turn Around Chapter of the Year Award". Although I was not physically present to see a teary-eyed audience inspired by his story, or to witness the power of his words, I was able to get a sense of the truth of what he said through what was being shared on Twitter.

Tweets from AMA Leadership Summit indicated that Christian inspired his peers at the Leadership Summit, not so much with what he did in Utah, or how he did it, but rather for sharing WHY he did it. Even from two thousand miles away, with only Twitter as my window into what was happening, I could see the effect he had on the audience. Christian had a dream and the passion to accomplish the impossible. He and his team had resurrected the Utah chapter, which had recently closed its doors and was already embalmed in disregard. They came together and brought passion back to their profession!

Many marketers are dreamers who are known for conceiving great ideas, but then fall short on execution. They know what they wish to do and they may even know how to do it, but they lack the passion to see it through. Even when the idea is great, the capabilities and budgets are more than adequate, the concept still fails because the mission lacked passion. I've learned that the greatest marketers did not become great because of their technique, but rather because of their passion -- the divine particle. It truly is as today's fortune says, "Nothing in the world is accomplished without passion."

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Submitted by:

Samantha McGarry

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Framingham, MA, USA

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