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Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it's enough.

Dakota McKenzie
Today's fortune submitted by:
Dakota McKenzie

San Francisco, CA, USA

Dakota McKenzie, CEO at Dakota McKenzie Consulting Inc, specializes in scaling GTM strategies and driving sales. With a track record of propelling teams to >$1M ARR and a history of sales excellence at Segment and Databricks, Dakota now helps burgeoning companies soar.

Boston Marketing is Wicked Good.

Today's Marketing Cookie is wicked smaht.

(PLEASE NOTE: If you're not from Boston, the translation of what I've just said, explains that I think that today's cookie is "brilliant". If you are not familiar with Boston English, today's cookie may be difficult for you to read.  Here's a hint. Read the words phonetically and soon you'll be talking like you're from Bean Town too.)

Theah ahh two things that ahh always right. Thuh first is my wife, and thuh second is my gut.  Unfortunately for me, I don't listen tuh what ee-thuh ov-em tells me. My wife is ah Nooyawka and what's worse, she's-ah Yankee and-ah Range-ahs fan. So theah yah go right theah. Right? I grew up eatin' Hoodsies, cheerin' for-thuh frickin' Bo Sawx ann-thuh B's. In my deepest caveman subconscious, I can nevah allow myself tuh listen to-ah Nooyawka. We'll be goin down in-thuh cah to see if we can't get ahh cah fixed, and she'll tell me to take a left at Cumbies. I wud think to ma-self, "na-ah! I ain't listenin' to no Nooyawka! So, I bang a right and like always, she's was right thuh whole time. Before yuh know it, I'm bangin' a you-ee by Dunkins and goin' thuh-uhh-thuh way, which is wheah she said to go in thuh first place.

(Are you still with me?)

Heahs-thuh thing. My gut is always right too... unless of course, my gut is tellin me sumthin against what my wife is sayin. In that case, my wife is always smahtah than my gut. Thuh interesting fact of thuh mattah is, that even my gut knows that she's always right... but my frickin stupit brain can't leave it alone. No-suh! If we-ahh eatin' sum killah grindahs at thuh deli counta, and a song comes on thuh radio, my head will take a guess at when thuh song first came out in 1980 or sumthin'. If she doesn't know thuh ansah, she won't guess or even say anythin'. If she does know, she'll say, "Thuh Cahs sang, 'Just What I Needed' in 1977". I should just leave it right theah, and just accept that she's right rathah-than bawthah Googling it to prove that she's right.

Now, if my wife aint around, then my gut is always right, but I'm just too much of ah chowdah-head to listen. For some reason, I allow my brain tuh get involved and think I have tuh challenge whatevah my gut tells me. Whattsup-with-that? In mahketing, thuh numbuhs will oftin prove what-yuh gut already knew. It's a whole-notha thing. Mahketing is thuh one area where checkin yuh gut with-thuh types of analytics, numbahs and data that yuh head wants, really works wicked good! Today's fortune is tellin-yuh to frickin listen to-yuh gut in yuh mahketing because its probably right... unless of course my wife-thuh Nooyawka is there.  If she is, youd bettah listen to her!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Cookie

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Percent Daily Values are based on the essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy mindset, fostering success in your marketing, prosperity in your career, and fulfillment in your life.








Submitted by:

Dakota McKenzie

Unpackaged in: 

San Francisco, CA, USA

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What marketing is really saying:

"Naturally, Methylcellulose is an ingredient too."

What marketing says:

"All natural ingredients."

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