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Never fear! The end of something marks the start of something new.

Tom Dennis
Today's fortune submitted by:
Tom Dennis

Frisco, TX, USA

Tom Dennis is a creative marketer with global experience, excelling in brand management, B2B marketing, and event planning. Former President of AMA Dallas/FW, he's a strategic leader known for ethical decision-making and building brand value. Exceptional at communication, negotiation, and fostering teamwork.

Tom Dennis isn't just a fellow Volunteer of the Year for the AMA and owns possibly the world's largest collection of Chuck Taylors; he's also been a pillar of support for my cookie blog project, and I'm glad to call him friend!

Never Fear!

Today's Marketing Cookie is about having hope in a dark season.

As the bright falling leaves of autumn give way to blustery winds, abbreviated daylight, and crisp snowdrifts, a new season will begin in New England. Although our winter is long, dark, and cold, it will be a time of giving thanks, followed by giving gifts, and making new promises. As our part of the world freezes over and becomes shrouded in an ever-increasing darkness, our hearts will be warmed by spending more time with the people we care for.

It can be this way in business for you too.

Do you feel like your career has stalled because the opportunities in your job have hit a ceiling? Has the color fallen away from the excitement you once had in your day-to-day? Examine your situation carefully before you run off to find another company, as you may just happen to be in the longest part of a dark season. I have news for you, there are gray seasons in every job, but it may not be a reason to depart. In Massachusetts, winter is very, very long, but right after the darkest day, the sunlight begins to linger a little longer. Before you know it, you will hear birds singing a verse about the coming spring, and soon there will be happiness in your tweets.

If you've lost your job and are struggling to find new employment, it can feel bitterly cold, dark, and bleak. Yes. It may be cold and depressing for you out there, but don't be tempted to hide in your house, wrap yourself in a blanket, and take a long winter's nap. The fact that you lost your job really sucks eggs, but it is not an excuse to give up on yourself. There are some bright spots in the marketplace, but you won't find them unless you get out there so you can be discovered.

Whether you are drudging through a dark phase in your current job or sending out countless resumes and sludging through a series of interviews, I encourage you to keep focused and don't give up. No season, however difficult, will last forever. As today's fortune says, "Never fear! The end of something marks the start of something new."

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Submitted by:

Tom Dennis

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Frisco, TX, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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