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Many new friends will be attracted to your friendly and charming ways.

George Acosta
Today's fortune submitted by:
George Acosta

Valley Cottage, NY, USA

George Acosta, my father-in-law, is a true Renaissance man—a painter, playwright, poet, director, actor, and musician whose life’s work and love for family captivate his audience. His deep resonance inspires profound conversations and memorable moments around his table, encouraging me to embrace creativity in all its forms.


Today's Marketing Cookie is about how companies become irresistible.

If you are friendly, you will attract friends. It all seems to make good, logical sense. On the other hand, when people act like a double-barreled jerkoid, no one will want to be around them. They will probably be without many friends as a result. Ironically, the more miserable and unfriendly one becomes, the more desperately they need friendship, and the cycle continues.

It works the same way in business. Companies that maintain a positive, happy atmosphere among employees seem to grow faster, create better products, and are generally more attractive than the competition. If you were to sit on your back porch and think about the companies you admire most, I would be willing to bet there's some inspired happiness at the center of what makes them so admirable. Would you agree?

To be friendly, one must first choose to be happy, and laughing off negativity is no joke. Being positive in a difficult situation is a choice selected above the easy alternative, which can spark a chain reaction. When positivity grows, others are drawn to its irresistible power. Employees and customers alike become personally aligned with what the company believes, says, and does. It is the result of this alignment that makes possible the promise in today's fortune as it says, "Many new friends will be attracted to your friendly and charming ways."

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Submitted by:

George Acosta

Unpackaged in: 

Valley Cottage, NY, USA

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"Twenty-nine of the items start at $29.99."

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"Thirty items on sale, starting at $12.99."

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