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Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

Sandra Matty
Today's fortune submitted by:
Sandra Matty

Dallas, TX, USA

Sandra Matty: Senior Manager, Social Media Strategy & Insights at Sally Beauty. MBA candidate & content creator with diverse experience in social media, marketing, and digital strategy across Fortune 500 industries. Skilled in driving ROI-focused social media strategies & launching innovative digital programs.

Worthy of Trust.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about the yin and yang of trust between leaders and managers.

When I think about the difference between leadership and management, a specific visual comes to mind: a small group of people walking along the road. At the front of the pack is the leader, and at the end of the line is the manager. To simplify the concept even further: managers push, and leaders pull. You can tell a lot about the leader in my depiction, based on where they stand when they've reached their objective and are being recognized for success. In that moment, a great leader will move behind the group to elevate the manager and the team... but how did they become successful?

I checked Google to find the most important characteristics of a good leader. Some of the words that came up most often were: visionary, courageous, ambitious, optimistic, and charismatic. That's a fine list, but it seems to me something is missing here.

Leaders put first things first, and managers get it done. The two truly need one another, and there must be something special binding them together. What could a leader accomplish with just a vision and no manager to see it through? What would a manager accomplish if they don't believe in the mission?

It has been said, "Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall." If you believe this is true, then it would be foolish to underestimate the amount of trust managers must have in their leaders, and vice versa. Perhaps the single most important characteristic of great leaders and managers is being "trustworthy."

What benefit is found in a vision, if it is laced with evil? What good is courage if the battle is not worth fighting? What use is ambition when the goal is not worthwhile? What good is charisma when it has been used by history's worst dictators and tyrants? Yes, there is a dark side to most common characteristics associated with both leaders and managers... except for being worthy of trust.

I hereby wish to add "Trustworthy" as an important addition to the list of attributes for both leaders and managers. Not just as a characteristic, but as a measure of their character. I am willing to forgive any leader or manager who lacks vision, courage, ambition, optimism, or even charisma, if they have proven to be worthy of my trust. Wouldn't you? I believe it is as today's fortune says, "Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things."

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Submitted by:

Sandra Matty

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Dallas, TX, USA

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