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Made in the USA.

Nicholas Phillips
Today's fortune submitted by:
Nicholas Phillips

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Nicholas Phillips is the Vice President and Senior Learning Director at U.S. Bank where he excels in strategic learning initiatives to drive significant improvements in organizational performance. Known for his authentic leadership and innovative thinking, he effectively identifies learning needs aligned with business priorities and executes impactful development plans.

I had the privilege of working with Nick at PSCU, where his sincerity and can-do attitude consistently stood out. His genuine spirit and approachable nature not only foster a positive culture but also enhance team dynamics. Nick's exceptional ability to connect with people on a personal level highlights his leadership qualities, making him an invaluable asset to any team. His qualities extend beyond professional excellence, and I am proud to call him a friend.

Made with Courage.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about the communities that are the birthplace of courage for our soldiers.

Memorial Day stands as a solemn reminder of the immense sacrifices made by American soldiers in the pursuit of freedom and democracy. It is a day dedicated to honoring those who fought bravely and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the liberties we often take for granted. These courageous men and women put their lives on the line, facing unimaginable dangers to ensure that future generations could live in a free and just society. 

Where is this bravery born?

To find the answer, we must recognize the families and loved ones of our soldiers, who serve as their first source of courage. Beyond their families, the communities from which these soldiers came, the places where they grew up and were nurtured, are their first living examples of strength, resilience, and courage.

Schoolteachers, coaches, friends, and neighbors all showed the importance of these values and each contributed to the very foundation upon which their bravery is built. From big cities and small towns to the battlefields and front lines, our soldiers are our finest American product, and they are truly, as today’s fortune says, "Made in the USA."

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Submitted by:

Nicholas Phillips

Unpackaged in: 

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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What marketing is really saying:

"Participant award counts"

What marketing says:

"Award winning."

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