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Love is the most valuable thing in life.

Stacey Eddington Moore
Today's fortune submitted by:
Stacey Eddington Moore

Houston, TX, USA

Stacey Eddington Moore, Executive Director at AMA Houston, brings two decades of B2B marketing expertise, working with top-tier executives across sectors like accounting, real estate, and oil & gas. She's skilled in marketing communications, strategic planning, public relations, and branding, dedicated to driving success in various industries, including the non-profit sector. Her role involves managing comprehensive marketing strategies and building strong brand identities.

Make Love.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about making love not spam.

On Friday, I stumbled across a blog post written on Valentine's Day by Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot. The piece was titled, "An Open Letter to Marketers: Make Love, Not Spam."

In the post, Mr. Volpe asks marketers to stop buying lists and sending spam. "Stop making it look like it is from a sales rep and trying to trick people (and maybe even tricking ourselves) into believing that this is okay." We've all received unwanted emails from companies we respect, and it’s really quite damaging to their brand.

In his letter, Mike continues, "We can be better than this. Marketing is hard. Reaching new prospects is hard. But we believe that if we put our energy and resources toward making marketing people love (our content), we can get more inbound leads and rely less on sending spammy emails. And when I say we all can be better than this, I'm including HubSpot." I was moved by Mike’s letter.

I believe that focusing on the laws of attraction will yield a greater return than breaking the laws of promotion. I believe that brands that give the most, have the most to gain. Brands that are the most loveable, have customers who are the most loyal. Even in marketing, it is as today's fortune says, "Love is the most valuable thing in life."

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Submitted by:

Stacey Eddington Moore

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Houston, TX, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

What marketing says:

"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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