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It is not the strong but the responsive that survive.

Kali Foxman
Today's fortune submitted by:
Kali Foxman

Boston, MA, USA

Kali Foxman is a Director of Content Strategy at Combined Jewish Philanthropies, known for her innovative leadership and strategic prowess in fostering vibrant online communities. Her expertise in creating award-winning content has significantly enhanced brand loyalty, audience growth, and awareness.

The Power of Stretch.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about flexibility.

Of all the superhero powers that one could possess, I would argue that super-stretching elasticity is a defensive advantage and would ensure better survival than most others. While being able to stretch out like an elastic band could be used to shoot projectiles or slap a villain's face from over 40 yards away, I see super-stretchability as a superior defensive power. No question about it. No matter what the bad guys try to throw at you, you're able to bend, curve, and twist around, under, and over all of it.

Marketers could learn a good lesson from Elasti-Girl. She can change her shape to match any situation and move around obstacles like no one's business. The fact is, market conditions change, the citizens often change their demands on a whim, and the competition is trying to steal away your position. However, if you can learn to sway, swerve, dip, and dodge, you are all the more likely to hold your own.

If you can learn to use your stretching muscles and exercise your flexibility skills, you have a greater chance of winning your battles. Flexibility works. It is true in marketing. It is also true in many other areas of your life. Flexibility is a superpower in marriage and works for you when raising children. Flexibility works wonders with your coworkers and can create miracles when being a good friend.

Nearly every aspect of the world around you will shift and change under your feet at one time or another. If you are too rigid and try to resist the forces of change, you may crack, chip, or split. If you are able to adapt, you'll ride the waves, bounce back, and have a greater chance of moving ahead of the turmoil. We can learn a lot from the power of stretch! As today's fortune says, "It is not the strong but the responsive that survive."

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Submitted by:

Kali Foxman

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Boston, MA, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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