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It doesn't take guts to quit.

Stephanie Mansour
Today's fortune submitted by:
Stephanie Mansour

Chicago, IL, USA

Stephanie Mansour, fitness contributor for the TODAY Show and host of "Step It Up with Steph" on PBS, is a renowned women's weight loss coach. Reaching over 52 million viewers monthly, she combines her expertise in fitness, broadcasting, and women’s health to empower women. Stephanie holds a BA in Communications from the University of Michigan and multiple fitness certifications.

Don't Quit.

Today's Marketing Cookie is perfect for Patriot's Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord—the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. I am origianlly from Massachusetts and I highly recommend that you attend the reenactment if you can. And yes, that's correct: This day commemorates when Paul Revere took his famous midnight ride, calling to all the Minutemen to take up arms and be ready to defend their liberty and freedom from the British.

There is a statue on Union Avenue in Framingham, MA, of a farmer putting down his shovel to pick up a rifle. If you think about it, these farmers were determined to take on the greatest army in the world. They were outnumbered and outskilled but wanted their independence so badly that they would give their life for freedom.

Seven hundred British soldiers marched into Lexington and were met in battle by only seventy-seven farmers with muskets, most of whom were killed or captured. Because of Paul Revere and other riders, the British faced a force of over five hundred Minutemen, and the British retreated all the way back to Boston. Three months later, General George Washington arrived in Massachusetts to take charge of the Colonial forces through the standoff in Boston, which would last an entire year.

Patriot's Day is a state holiday in Massachusetts, and many will be watching the Boston Marathon today, which is a grand celebration of human endurance. We will also remember that over two centuries ago, seventy-seven farmers chose to become soldiers on that day and chose to fight against an army of seven hundred. They would spark the beginning of our revolution, and after eight long years of fighting, would eventually defeat the greatest world power of that time. No matter what challenge you face as a marketer, our Patriot forefathers have given us a tremendous example of the guts and courage it takes to press on and never give up!

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Stephanie Mansour

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Chicago, IL, USA

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