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If you have no critics you'll have no success.

Linda Calabria
Today's fortune submitted by:
Linda Calabria

Boston, MA, USA

Linda Calabria heads Calibration Marketing as CMO/Owner, with 15+ years in marketing and product management. Skilled in strategy and branding, she specializes in prosthetic device regulations. Linda unites teams, boosts sales with emotional content, and manages budgets effectively, ensuring successful launches despite financial limits. She excels in both global firms and startups.

Thank God For Your Critics.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about the target on your back.

When someone tries to demote your ambition, degrade your conviction, or dissuade your enthusiasm, there are but two responses you may take. Either you will agree with them in defeat, or you will jump to your feet, march onward, and set out to prove them wrong.

Which way will you go?

Pushing you down with criticism, skepticism, and general run-of-the-mill insults are often how the lesser talented try to superficially boost themselves above you, and slide beyond their proper position. Or worse, in some sort of twisted, backward way, the lesser skilled de-activists believe making others feel inferior will somehow increase their own self-worth. Well, their ill intent only works to push you down and keep you back if you are willing to let them have the better of you.

How can they have the better of you if they aren't actually better than you?

If you were to read the playbook of a lesser-skilled pusher-downer, you would see their primary motivation is fear. They are afraid you will surpass them, so they try to suppress you. They are afraid you will stand out, so they try to have you sit down. They are terrified that you will outsmart and outshine them, so they try to dim your brilliance.

Herein, my friends, lies the good news!

If you find you're under attack, it is probably because you're so darn smart. They can already see you're a winner, even if you haven't realized it yet. Think about it: Why would anyone focus such effort on a loser? They wouldn't. Their meaningless criticism shouldn't slow you down. Rather, their insults should put more jet fuel in your tank!

In my estimation, you probably have a target on your back because you've already passed them. Don't fret when they try to downgrade your success, be grateful instead for how much envy someone is determined to spend on you. Use every low blow as a stepping stone to climb up to new heights. This is how it goes in the world of high achievement. Turn the negatives into positives and always remember what today's fortune says, "If you have no critics, you'll likely have no success."

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Submitted by:

Linda Calabria

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Boston, MA, USA

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