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I have a dream... time to go to bed.

Tory Minars
Today's fortune submitted by:
Tory Minars

Gainesville, FL, USA

Tory Minars, a Cloud Engineer at PwC, brings 8 years of full-stack development expertise. Skilled in JavaScript, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, NodeJS, and SQL, Tory thrives in agile environments, adeptly balancing multiple projects.

I Have A Dream.

Today's marketing cookie makes me chuckle a little.

My wife has the ability to experience dreams that occur in a mini-series format. Her dreams somehow have a pause button, and she can return to the same dream night after night as if they are available to her on demand. Last winter, I was often awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of her pencil scribbling the contents of her dreams into a little notebook she keeps on her nightstand. Her dreams not only occurred in a linear sequence, but as they were written down, they also rhymed. Yes, you heard me correctly. Her dreams were written down, in the dark, in the form of completed poetry. She has since begun transforming these poems into a series of large-scale paintings aptly titled, "Apples and Monsters."

I, on the other hand, rarely have any dreams whatsoever. When I do have a dream, it is always the same terrifying nightmare of being chased... in slow motion. Although the entity chasing me always changes, the chase remains consistent. I am always just barely out of reach of my pursuer, yet I struggle immensely to move my feet. The chase is excruciatingly slow and continues to slow until eventually, I can no longer move at all. Just before I fall into the clutches of my terrifying enemy, I wake up gasping for air.

Unlike my wife, who is remarkably productive in her dreams, I do all of my dreaming during the day, where I can safely control the outcome. I daydream about helping my clients reach their lead generation goals. My team dreams up the most amazing creative ideas that crash the gates and build awareness, and we all dream of that feeling of success and excitement whenever we win a new account! Although today's fortune says, "I have a dream... time to go to bed," I would have to rewrite the fortune to say, "I have a dream... time to go to work."

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Submitted by:

Tory Minars

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Gainesville, FL, USA

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"Also does not contain taste."

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"Sugar Free, Low salt, Fat Free and Gluten Free."

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