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Get your goals high and you will always move forward.

Mary Stenmark
Today's fortune submitted by:
Mary Stenmark

Atlanta, GA, USA

Mary Stenmark, Adobe Experience Manager at Adobe, excels in SaaS and PaaS sales with a decade of expertise. Renowned for her dynamic, customer-centric approach, she is skilled in communication, relationship building, and new account acquisition. Mary engages top-level prospects, expediting purchases with her proficiency in public speaking and contract negotiation. Specializing in action initiation, teaching, public relations, and customer service, she continues to lead effectively.

Always Move Forward.

Today's Marketing Cookie reminds me of how important it is to check for typos. LOL! If you "GET your goals high," they might end up with a nasty hangover on Monday morning.

I believe they meant to write, "SET your goals high," which would have made for an easy blog post. However, that's not what it says, so we'll just move forward with what we've got.

Back in the booming dot-com days, I spent weeks designing a new website for a start-up that helped families manage their busy schedules. The CEO loved the design so much that he suggested we create a giant 12-foot poster to hang in the lobby. This way, potential investors visiting the office could be impressed by a gigantic mockup of the website designs. The only problem was that I misspelled a rather important word in the headline. Instead of writing, "Your Family Organizer," I mistakenly wrote, "Your Family Orgasmer."

The worst part of the story is that NO ONE noticed the typo, except for the potential investors who visited the office. In this case... we did not move forward.

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Submitted by:

Mary Stenmark

Unpackaged in: 

Atlanta, GA, USA

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What marketing is really saying:

"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

What marketing says:

"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

Learn to speak marketing.

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