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Fortune cookie says: Your warmth radiates onto all others around you.

Carla Hunt
Today's fortune submitted by:
Carla Hunt

Grand Junction, CO, USA

Carla Hunt is a Senior Learning Consultant at Canvas Credit Union, dedicated to both personal and professional development. An active member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), she collaborates with a global community of professionals focused on enhancing workplace skills and abilities. Carla is dedicated to the credit union movement and committed to helping others achieve their full potential.

Leadership with Warmth.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about how genuine warmth in leadership fosters loyalty and community, even in tough times.

I've heard shocking stories about how corporations sanitize and sugarcoat the harsh realities of layoffs with carefully crafted language like "restructuring," "reorganization," or "eliminating positions," framing them as necessary for long-term success. They use corporate jargon to obscure the emotional wreckage, projecting an image of strong leadership making 'tough but necessary' decisions while rarely acknowledging the pain caused to employees.

Beyond the insensitive way that the message is crafted, it is the cold, impersonal delivery that is unforgivably callous. Some don’t bother meeting with their people face-to-face to convey the tough news but instead send them an email or pre-recorded message. It’s here, in these devastating announcements, that we see the art of corporate detachment at its peak, subtly implying that it's all for the “greater good,” while the human costs are rarely tallied in any boardroom spreadsheets.

Contrast this with a figure like Paul Whitin, a poor farmer from Grafton, MA who never forgot his roots and maintained a vision for his business that was always about more than profits. Whitin didn't just build a factory; he built a community. After working for his father-in-law in a textile mill, he established Whitin Machine Works in what became my hometown of Whitinsville, MA. It wasn’t just machines he was creating—it was a shared dream.

The Whitin family continued Mr. Whitin’s legacy of building their community and provided homes for their workers, constructed a library, church, bank, school, parks, community center, and many other facilities for the families of their beloved town. During the Great Depression, a time that tested the mettle of every leader, the Whitin family famously chose a path of shared sacrifice over making cuts. Instead of layoffs, they trimmed wages across the board, especially their own, to ensure that everyone could keep their jobs. Paul Whitin and later, his sons were leaders who understood that true strength lay in community resilience and mutual support, not in the cold calculus of gaining profits at any cost.

How far we seem to have come from leaders with a heart like Whitin, who saw his workers as neighbors and stakeholders in a shared future, rather than as line items that can be so easily discarded. His is a legacy of pride for a little town that bears his name, not just because of what he built with bricks, but also for the community he built with compassion. It is true about Whitin, as today’s "Fortune cookie says: Your warmth radiates onto all others around you."

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Submitted by:

Carla Hunt

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Grand Junction, CO, USA

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