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For success today look first to yourself.

Katherine Conroy
Today's fortune submitted by:
Katherine Conroy

Seattle, WA, USA

Before her passing, Katherine Conroy, served as Sr Manager Product Marketing at Cadence 3. She was celebrated for her strategic insight and transformative marketing with Microsoft and Cisco. Renowned for innovative GTM and brand management, she boosted revenue and promoted an inclusive, collaborative culture. Her expertise in strategic planning and global marketing launches made a significant impact in the industry, leaving a lasting legacy.

I met Katherine at my first AMA Leadership Summit, and over the years we became very good friends. Her energy and sense of humor has been sorely missed.

Look First To Yourself.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about you.

"For success today, look first to yourself." I'm going to let those words sink in for a moment. You are your best vehicle for going toward success. Are you willing to push the gas and drive? Some people are so smart and talented that they have been able to develop excuses so well-formed, that not even they can overcome them. Unlike all others, you are uniquely capable of achieving great things. So, what excuses have you developed to keep yourself away from realizing success?

Is your excuse allowing you to give up because someone has rejected your idea? How many? Have thirty people rejected you? Let me tell you that the first book written by Stephen King was rejected thirty times. He was so discouraged that he finally gave up and threw it in the trash. Eventually, he resubmitted it one more time, and the iconic thriller "Carrie" was published. Having written hundreds of books in his career, Stephen King is one of the best-selling authors of all time.

Is your excuse to give up because you aren't talented enough to already be the best? There was once a young student who really wanted to play basketball. Although he practiced, he just wasn't talented enough and was cut from his high school basketball team. Luckily, he didn't let this setback stop him from playing the game. He worked hard every day and eventually achieved more success than anyone could have predicted. His name is Michael Jordan, and he became the greatest basketball player of all time.

Is your excuse to give up because you are disabled? Helen Keller was blind and deaf, and was the first such person to graduate from college. After she graduated, Helen became a noted speaker, author, and activist. She achieved incredible success and is one of only two women to be featured on American currency.

We live in a world of mediocrity and skeptical cynicism abounds. Don't be stopped by what people say. Believe in yourself! Take the bricks they're throwing at you and build a foundation for your next big idea. We could use a few more inspiring people like YOU to show us what success looks like. Are you ready to look to yourself to achieve success? Are you willing to start today?

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Submitted by:

Katherine Conroy

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Seattle, WA, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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