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For rectal use only.

Michael Lewis
Today's fortune submitted by:
Michael Lewis

Boston, MA, USA

As CMO at Newforma, Michael Lewis leads marketing strategy for a pioneering AECO market software company. With 20+ years in B2B SaaS marketing, he excels in building high-performing marketing and sales engines. An author, speaker, and professor, Michael shares expertise in marketing strategy, demand generation, and social media. His book, *Stand Out Social Marketing*, offers tactics for brands to excel online. He teaches at Clark University and speaks at numerous events.

From the Bottom.

Today's Marketing Cookie is all about managing from the bottom up.

This fortune must be the strangest message to discover in a fortune cookie. When I promised to write a marketing blog every day based on whatever it says in other people’s fortune cookies, I sincerely thought “every day” would be the toughest part. A promise is a promise, so here you go:

Are you ready to kick some butt in your career? Okay good. You can start by becoming the go-to person in your area of expertise, with a focus on bringing your brilliance and driving bottom-line success. It isn't just about doing a crack job but grasping your company's bigger picture – you need to get behind the vision, not just sit on your laurels. Consistently delivering high-quality work from wherever you sit, and thinking about the broader impact will make people notice you and realize you’re a real asset to the team. As the unofficial maximus of your domain, others will naturally look to you for guidance and input, recognizing you're the one who has their butt covered.

Next, cover your bases by building relationships across the organization. Connect with people in other departments and be the one who's always ready to shake your money maker to help out and share insights. Building good rapport with folks at all levels will take some time, so don't get bummed out. When the opportunity to join a committee or multi-departmental task force comes along, the relationships you’ve built will give you a leg up as you pitch ideas and influence decisions.

Above all, don't be afraid bust a move and take the initiative. See a cheeky challenge or hiney hassle? Propose a solution to buttress the situation and offer to lead the charge—even from behind if need be. 

Have a kick-ass idea to improve processes that’s a real pain in the rear? Flesh things out in detail with your team so you’re not bumbling along by the seat of your pants. 

Always try to frame your suggestions as end-to-end solutions that can benefit employees, customers, and the company as a whole. Consistently bringing value to the table will open doors where the sun hasn’t shined on you before, and you’ll be managing your way from the bottom up, perhaps even as today’s fortune suggests, “For rectal use only.”

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Submitted by:

Michael Lewis

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Boston, MA, USA

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