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Faith answered. No one was there.

Colin Hageney
Today's fortune submitted by:
Colin Hageney

Houston, TX, USA

Colin Hageney, CEO at Bullpen Marketing, excels in providing comprehensive marketing services. His firm, catering to a broad client base from schools to Fortune 500 companies, specializes in print, web design, promotional products, and more. Colin's approach is to offer effective, budget-friendly marketing solutions, aiming to be a reliable friend to every client. His expertise spans marketing, PR, branding, and fundraising.

When I attended my first Leadership Summit, Colin stood out as the kind of leader I aspired to be one day. When we were rebuilding the AMA chapter in Boston, Colin was our trusted council, our greatest cheerleader and is a good friend. He is among the smartest marketers you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting and has high marks in the "good guy" category.

Losing Faith.

Today's Marketing Cookie is a tragic reminder that sometimes people lose their faith in God, others, and themselves. The dictionary defines faith as "complete trust or confidence in someone or something."  Do you have complete trust in God, yourself, or other people? If you cannot say yes, you are probably lacking faith.

Losing faith in other people happens because we are all far from perfect. Although people have broken their promises to you in the past and will let you down again in the future, faith is still available for you to keep today. It is amazing how trust is traded among people like currency. For example, having faith in colleagues at work means trusting them to fulfill their responsibilities and being trustworthy to fulfill yours. As you keep your promises and they keep theirs, complete trust and confidence builds into a healthy faith in people.

Losing faith in God also happens. I've learned that faith in God is something you simply know in your heart, which is beyond the reach of proof. If you once believed in God, it is very likely that you did so without proof. Belief in God is based on an intangible and unexplainable feeling. If you feel that God has let you down in the past, know that faith is still available for you today.

Losing faith in yourself leads to losing hope. Certainly, you have let yourself down in the past, possibly more than once for the same offense, but your faith in yourself must remain. Failure is how we learn; making mistakes makes us human, and overcoming challenges makes us stronger. When you lose complete trust and confidence in yourself, you will be defeated and eventually deny yourself the opportunity to learn and grow.

Today's fortune says, "Faith answered. No one was there." My friends, I urge you to remember that no matter what happens, faith is always available for you. Don't lose faith in other people; they are imperfect just like you. Don't lose faith in God, especially if you once knew God in your heart. Please don't lose faith in yourself; you are loved more than you will ever know. Faith always answers... will you be there?

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Submitted by:

Colin Hageney

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Houston, TX, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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