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Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.

Jeff Cutler
Today's fortune submitted by:
Jeff Cutler

Portland, ME, USA

Jeff Cutler is a professional actor known for his roles in notable productions including "After the Fall," "Hinterland," "Hotline," and "Arbor Day." His diverse portfolio showcases his versatility and dedication to the craft of acting.

What Are Your Social Attributes?

Today's Marketing Cookie is about selecting your social attributes.

We live in a viral world of memes, copycats, spoofs, shares, and retweets. Everything seems to be a regurgitation of something else. Rather than creating original content, many people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are actively re-sharing something they found somewhere else. If they do generate new content, it is often an extension or a different take on something that's already been done. 

Some of the items being shared are funny, some are of cats, and others are about kittens. Some are grouchy political stuff, snarky rants, amazing photos from nature, some are offensive shockers, and others are lovey-dovey mushy stuff. Some are created and shared for no reason whatsoever. For example, my friend shared a picture of bacon this morning, and thousands of people have already reshared it... for no reason.

My mother used to say, "You will be known for what you do, not for what you say." I think she is right. However, I have over 60,000 followers on Twitter and over 30,000 fans on Facebook, most of whom I will never meet in person. In this social world, I am more surely known by what I say and what I share, than by what I do. How then, do I wish to be known?

There's nothing wrong with following a theme or contributing to a meme. Unless, of course, it contradicts your social attributes. Consider that your brand IS the content you choose to share. It's true. What you share as a company (and as an individual) says something about your principles and values. It is true whether you've created the content or not. This is where it would be wise to activate your branding filters and be more purposeful about what you like, post, and share.

If you want your brand to become known for something, I recommend making a list of attributes for your brand. Then, create and share content that reinforces how you wish to be perceived. Are you funny? Are you inspirational? Are you a techie? Are you a glass half full person... or are you half empty? Whatever social attributes you choose for yourself, try your best to stay consistent.

If you maintain whatever attributes you wish to portray through the content you create and share, people who align with those attributes will follow you for that purpose. Yes. They will search, seek, and subscribe to your content. They will refer to you by the attributes you share. They will say, "I like her content. She is so funny." or, "I love the photos he shares, he is so inspirational." Over time, you and your brand will become a living example of the attributes you are focused on, and today's fortune will become true about you as it says, "Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing."

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Submitted by:

Jeff Cutler

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Portland, ME, USA

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"Membership at King's Gym twenty dollars."

What marketing says:

"King size candy bar only one dollar."

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